The ‘One Night Stand’

By Dr. Jordan / June 16, 2013 /

What is a ‘one night stand’ and is it good for your love life? The most common definition of a ‘one night stand’ is sex without really knowing one’s sexual partner. The one night stand can occur with someone completely unknown in a first time encounter, or with someone who has been met previously but…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 1

By Dr. Jordan / February 17, 2013 /

If there is ‘love’ in your relationship, chances are there are ‘cures’ for the absence of sex. The question is which of the cures will reignite the passion in your relationship. In most sexless marriages, there was passion, at least at the beginning, and it was allowed to ‘cool.’ The objective now is to bring…

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Dating Rule: No Sex For 90 Days?

By Dr. Jordan / July 21, 2012 /

Pardon the photo, but I had to find something that made the point of this post. And don’t get carried away by the gender implication, the ideas apply to both genders. Someone told me that a contemporary dating rule out there in the single world reads ‘no sex for 90 days’ when you start dating…

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Married And Using Prostitutes

By Dr. Jordan / June 13, 2012 /

Why would a married man use prostitutes? Maybe his wife isn’t giving him enough sex and he’s frustrated. He doesn’t want to leave his wife so he pays for sex when he needs to. Or he has an extra large libido. His spouse can’t satisfy him so in addition to having sex with his wife…

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Sex With Your Boss

By Dr. Jordan / June 5, 2012 /

You could get yourself into a ‘tangled mess’ if you have sex with your boss. Why? There are a few very good reasons to try to avoid this in any way possible. First and foremost, there’s the imbalance of power between you and your boss. He or she is your boss. What that means is,…

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Prostituted Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / May 21, 2012 /

Sex is fundamentally a biological function. The meaning it is given by people is the result of beliefs about sex, interpretations we’ve learned to apply to it. There are many different forms of interpretation possible for a sexual experience. Our institutions and families of origin teach us to think about sex in certain ways. They…

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When Should We Have Sex?

By Dr. Jordan / May 13, 2012 /

You’ve met someone you really like. You start dating. You enjoy each other’s company. There is plenty of talk and you’re excited about each other. The feelings are strong and consistent. You’ve been together for a while now. In fact, you’ve been waiting to have a serious relationship with someone. And best of all, you both want the…

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