Healthy Love Relationship

Learn How


This is the first book I wrote on the topic of the healthy love relationship. A lot of useful information about how what we learn about love relationships can make our love life healthy or unhealthy, and what the real ingredients are that create a healthy love relationship. A great guide for reviewing your love life.


Learn to Love

A Guide to Healing the Unhealthy Love Life

learn to love book cover

This is my newest book and it should be in a publisher’s hands very shortly. Due to the continued love life research we’ve been doing, what we now understand about how what you learn about love relationships determines the health of your love life has developed a lot. I also created a simple but highly effective method of helping you find out what you’ve learned about love relationships, so you can change it when it’s unhealthy and interfering with finding or sustaining a healthy love relationship. My “Unlearning Method” has helped many of my patient’s take control of their love lives. This one going to be good!