Love Life Consultation Endorsements

Dr. Jordan’s ability to listen, assimilate, and consequently disseminate advice in a very doable fashion is a rare gift indeed. But it is also his experience and know-how that makes him so good at his chosen field. Be it advice on love relationships, family, or work, he is the right prescription for me!  Ricardo R.

Dr. Jordan helped me in so many ways. He helped me to look outside myself to see things from another perspective other than my own. I’m so happy to have listened to someone who has taken this subject very seriously. He is very knowledgable and he actually cares. The thought of people learning to truly love their mates, what a better world we would have. He has made an impact on my relationship and things are going a lot more smoothly. He is my secret Angel and I’m forever grateful to him. Ava B.

Dr. Jordan has thoroughly studied and intensely contemplated life and love. This is no sit-back-and-listen type of therapist. I was one of many patients but he was always interested in my particular problems. He understood love-life issues to their core and had the expertise to coax, pull, persuade, and gently push the deep-rooted conflicts into the light. I would not have what I have today, my wonderful loving family and happy life, without his help. If you are contemplating a foray into your love-life travails work with Dr. Jordan. It’s your best bet to finding a happier more loving life. Jay R.

Working with Dr. Jordan has been a wonderful experience. After finding Dr. Jordan I now know that finding a therapist of his caliber is one in a million. He’s such a trusting person and shows genuine concern. Visiting with him is like spending time with a friend that you only dreamed you had. His attention is felt, his words are gentle, and his advice sincere. He has the ability to understand love and life, and the issues that come along with it. And he has a wonderful sense of humor. He allows you to speak freely, without any judgment, and makes you feel comfortable. When you’re ready to talk he’s there to listen. Thank you again Dr. Jordan for being the silent partner in my life. You make me believe AGAIN….Madison R.

I have been going to see Dr. Jordan for about fourteen months. His advice and insight have been invaluable to my mental and spiritual growth. He helps me with my love-life and a wide variety of issues. Dr. Jordan helps me understand the opposite sex and he guides me through what would otherwise be an emotional mine field. I highly recommend him and trust him completely. Mark S.

My prayers were answered when God lead me to Dr. Jordan. When I think about how far I have come, through the help and wisdom of Dr. Jordan, I still shed a tear. He taught me love is a risk and I have to accept the things that are realistic concerning my husband. Through Dr. Jordan, I’ve learned to love softer and allow room for love. Thank God for Dr. Jordan he is a man of integrity. This is not just a job for him for he truly cares about my well being. Stacy B.

I was in the middle of a transition when I began to see Dr. Thomas Jordan. I was searching for something in life. After the help I received from him, I now realize that it was always right here and always within. I was able to get on the right track, which allows me to start getting it right. Mick D.

Love Life Seminar Endorsements

Great seminar. It was easy to comprehend and enjoyable. Good sense of humor by both Tom and Victoria. The seminar was very insightful and informative. I would highly recommend it. This seminar gives pearls of wisdom. Keep doing them. Joan P.

I loved the practicality of it the best. The antidotes to an unhealthy love life, specifically. It’s a straightforward guide on how to become conscious and gain agency over your love life. Martin L.

Enjoyable seminar. I liked the explanation of the psychological love life the best. Especially the way you can change what you’ve learned. It’s fantastic, Dr. Jordan using himself as an example is effective. John D.

Excellent presentation. The seminar was very informative. Ann G.

I liked the thorough breakdown of the steps to understand the psychological love life. This provided a great framework for understanding creating awareness of our love life. Thank you! Dennis C.

Seminar was great, clear examples and explanations given to all the questions asked. Karen E.

I enjoyed the presentation the most. I think it was right on the money and opened up a lot of things for me, both functional and nonfunctional in my relationships. Sam A.

It was very informative and made me think of concrete ways to go about changing my perspectives on my love life and its issues. Excellent. George S.

Informative, a different experience better than individual therapy, more discussion based. You can tell a lot of thought and feeling was put into this seminar to help people understand what’s unhealthy in their love lives. Lois D.

Excellent. This seminar gave us some tools to recognize our unhealthy learned behaviors and then gave us the antidotes and the key things to look for in order to move into a healthier love life. Linda S.

Seminar was very relatable. The seminar was well organized and given with great presentation. While not every poster coincided with my past relationships, I am able to build off of this for the future. The seminar itself is well put together. Owen K.