Podcast Interviews with Dr. Thomas Jordan

Divorce Resource Guy Podcast, 2/3/23, Host: Jason Levy

Thriving in Chaos Project, 1/25/23, Host: Paulette Rico

FLAUNT: Create a Life You Love After Infidelity or Betrayal, 1/20/23, Host: Lora Cheadle

S***I Learned From My Divorce, 1/18/23, Host: Trish Guise

Stronger in the Difficult Places,1/4/23, Host: Dr. Zoe

Love in MidLife with the 2Gs, 12/17/22, Hosts: Gary Austin & Georgie Coote

MidLife Makeover Show, 12/14/22, Host: Wendy Valentine

Worthy Podcast, 12/9/22, Host: Mandy Walker

Conversations About Conversations, 12/7/22, Host: Ivan Farber

Amicable Divorce Expert, 12/2/22, Host: Judith Weigle

Mountain Top For Men , 11/18/22, Host: Scott McKay

Man Alive Podcast, 11/16/22, Host: Shana James

Divorcing Well, 11/11/22, Host: Leanne Townsend

Doing Divorce Different Podcast, 10/26/22, Host: Lesa Koski

Heart, Soul, Wisdom Podcast, 10/12/22, Host: Moira Sutton

Life Blood, 9/28/22, Host: George Grombacher

Men on Purpose Podcast, 9/16/22, Host: Ian Lobas

The Heart Speaks, 9/16/22, Host: Chloe Valdary

Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating and Relationships with Women, 6/29/22, Host: Melanie Curtain

Rich in Relationship, 6/24/22, Host: Rich Heller

Building Psychological Strength, 6/3/22, Host: April Seifert

The Mindful Experiment, 6/1/22, Host: Dr. Vic Manzo

Menopause, Marriage, and Motherhood, 5/25/22, Karen O’Connor

Relationship Advice/I Do Podcast, 5/13/22, Host: Chase Kosterlitz

TMC Podcast, 5/13/22, Host: Cedric & Shante Francis

Hearts Entwined Podcast, 4/29/22, Host: Lyn Smith

The Author’s Porch, 3/12/22, Host: CJ

The Love Code, 2/18/22, Host: Dr. Sherrill Sellman

Strong Enough Podcast, 2/18/22, Host: Claudia King

The Empowered Relationship Podcast, 2/4/22, Host: Dr. Jessica Higgins

WAMV The Morning Show, 1/7/22, Host: Bob Langstaff

Chasing Happiness Podcast, 11/10/21, Host: Crystal Steers

Good News to Go Podcast, 11/5/21, Host: Paul Sladkus

The New Masculine, 11/3/21, Host: Tavis Stock

Here’s What We Know Podcast, 10/13/21, Host: Gary Scott Thomas

Learn to Love Podcast: 10/6/21, Host: Zach Beech

Intimate Conversations, 6/23/21, Host: Allana Pratt

Naturally Savvy, 6/9/21, Host: Lisa Davis

The Books That Make You Podcast, 5/12/21, Host Desiree Duffy

Deborah Kobylt LIVE, 4/28/21, Host: Deborah Kobylt

Self-Discovery Media Network Podcast, 4/23/21, Host: Sara Troy

In the Author’s Voice, 4/14/21, Host: Jeff Williams

Louie b. Free Radio Show, 3/17/21, Host: Louie b. Free

Mornings on Main, 3/26/21, Host: Dan Manley

The Frankie Boyer Show, 3/17/21, Host: Frankie Boyer

The Quiet Warrior, 2/19/21, Host: Tom Dutta

Open Air, 2/17/21, Host: Dawn Newton

The Break It Down Show, 2/5/21, Host: Pete A. Turner

The Tom Sumner Program, 2/5/21, Host: Tom Sumner

The Donna Seebo Show, 2/2/21, Host: Donna Seebo

The Lifestyles Show, Talk Radio Europe, 1/27/21, Host: Selina McKenzie

Fighting For Love with Mari Frank, 1/13/21, Host: Mari Frank

The Morning Show with Al, 1/6/21, Host: Al Windsperger

The Jiggy Jaguar Show, 12/29/20, Host: James Lowe

Warren in the Morning, 12/20/20, Host: Warren Lawrence

The Breakfast Club with Matt & Taylor, 12/18/20, Host: Matt & Taylor

AM in the AM, 12/17/20, Host: Austin McNorton

The Dating Den Podcast, 12/16/20, Host: Marni Battista

The Lisa Show, 12/9/20, Host: Lisa Valentine Clark

The Douglas Coleman Show, 12/2/20, Host: Douglas Coleman

Popp Off with Mary Jane Popp, 11/24/20, Host: Mary Jane Popp

Matthew & Friends, 11/23/20, Host: Larry Matthews

The Hollis Chapman Show, 11/13/20, Host: Hollis Chapman

About Love Life Learning Center

The Love Life Learning Center was created in 2012 by Dr. Thomas Jordan, clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, author, professor, and love life researcher, and his wife and colleague, Victoria Jordan LCSW, experienced psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, and couple therapist. They live and practice in New York City.

This website functions as an “online library” of accurate love life information for the purpose of helping people find real solutions for their love life problems while sustaining a healthy love life. Our blog has many articles on an extensive range of love life topics.
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