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Welcome to our Love Life Learning Center. I’m Dr. Thomas Jordan, a clinical psychologist, and standing next to me is my wife and colleague, Victoria Jordan LCSW, an experienced psychotherapist and couple therapist. If you have love life problems, you’ll need information to help you understand and solve them. This blog was built to help you find the information you’ll need to solve your love life problems.

Love Life Webinar

Stop Forming Unhealthy Relationships
& Get the Love You Deserve

Webinar for anyone not satisfied with their love life regardless of marital status. Dr. Thomas Jordan, clinical psychologist, interpersonal analyst, author, professor, and love life researcher will present the findings of their love life research on the Unhealthy Love Life and how to change it. The Love Life Webinar will show you a 3-Step Method for avoiding unhealthy love relationships.

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