Sex & Love

The ‘One Night Stand’

By Dr. Jordan / June 16, 2013 /

What is a ‘one night stand’ and is it good for your love life? The most common definition of a ‘one night stand’ is sex without really knowing one’s sexual partner. The one night stand can occur with someone completely unknown in a first time encounter, or with someone who has been met previously but…

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Madonnas & Whores: Unrealistic Depictions

By Dr. Jordan / May 11, 2013 /

                    What is the Madonna-Whore Syndrome and is this still relevant to our love lives in the 21st century? A man came to see me the other day. He complained that he was in love with two women. One woman he had a child with and…

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What She Wants You To Know About Sex

By Dr. Jordan / February 26, 2013 /

For some men, figuring out the female orgasm can feel like an anthropological expedition to a remote culture you know nothing about and you’re not prepared for. The first and most important step, of course, is for a man to acknowledge that a woman’s orgasm exists and operates in a manner different from his own.…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 2

By Dr. Jordan / February 20, 2013 /

This post is Part 2 of “Curing the Sexless Marriage.” In the first post, I introduced four out of eight different ‘cures’ for the sexless marriage or committed love relationship. This post will discuss #5 through #8. If you have this problem in your marriage, try one or more of these cures to revitalize your…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 1

By Dr. Jordan / February 17, 2013 /

If there is ‘love’ in your relationship, chances are there are ‘cures’ for the absence of sex. The question is which of the cures will reignite the passion in your relationship. In most sexless marriages, there was passion, at least at the beginning, and it was allowed to ‘cool.’ The objective now is to bring…

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Obsessing About A Lover’s Past Lovers

By Dr. Jordan / February 9, 2013 /

Are you obsessed with how many people someone you love has slept with? Why? What kind of information does this provide? Let’s talk about some of the more common questions this kind of information is meant to answer. Does it tell you how experienced your lover is sexually? This one’s easy. If your lover has had…

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Are You Over-Sexed or Under-Sexed?

By Dr. Jordan / October 23, 2012 /

How sexually active you are is not just a matter of biology. It has a lot to do with how you were taught to relate to your own sexuality as well as what you believe about sex. In this post I will explore the psychology of both extremes, over-sexed and under-sexed, with the assumption being…

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My Lover Is Rough in Bed

By Dr. Jordan / October 6, 2012 /

If your husband or lover is rough in bed, the first question you have to ask yourself is, do you like it? I’m not going to assume that your curiosity about this post title means you don’t. If you say you do then you have to admit to yourself that you’ve helped set up your…

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Dating Rule: No Sex For 90 Days?

By Dr. Jordan / July 21, 2012 /

Pardon the photo, but I had to find something that made the point of this post. And don’t get carried away by the gender implication, the ideas apply to both genders. Someone told me that a contemporary dating rule out there in the single world reads ‘no sex for 90 days’ when you start dating…

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