Love-Life Tips

Staying Intimate In The Internet Age

By Dr. Jordan / September 24, 2015 /

I love the internet. I’ve got the Mac, the iPhone, and I’m online for a big part of most days. Sometimes my computer is on all day. There are days when most of the human contact I have with others takes place online. So what, sounds normal to me, right? Maybe. I keep hearing about…

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Don’t Stop ‘Dating’ Your Wife or Husband

By Dr. Jordan / July 13, 2015 /

Don’t stop dating your wife or husband. Sounds strange right? If you’re already married why would you date your husband or wife? Because ‘dating’ has a lot to do with what you felt for each other at the beginning of your relationship. Dating is what a couple does when they are interested in each other.…

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Cure For What Ails Us: St. Valentine’s Day

By Dr. Jordan / February 12, 2015 /

I remember watching a movie once about two ‘crazy’ people who fell in love with each other. The movie was filled with drama and suspense as these two people went through all kinds of changes trying to get a mutually satisfying relationship going. And all the while the audience was on pins and needles until…

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Quickest Way to Work on Your Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / October 5, 2013 /

The quickest and most effective way to “work on your love life” is to make a positive change in the following two areas: 1. How you feel about yourself. 2. How close you can let yourself be to somebody you love or care about. Let me explain. How you feel about yourself is the “foundation”…

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Are You An Approval Seeker?

By Dr. Jordan / July 24, 2013 /

Are you a chronic approval seeker in your love life? If so, I recommend you read this post. Approval seeking can result in a substantial amount of love life disappointment, simply because you are asking for something no one else can give you. You are asking for something only you can give you. Think of…

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Time to Settle Down?

By Dr. Jordan / July 13, 2013 /

There are two ‘big moments’ in everybody’s love life. The moment you realize it’s time to settle down and the moment you fall in love with ‘the one.’ This post is about the former. All in all, the latter appears to get a bit more attention. I can remember ‘the moment’ I realized I was…

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When Love Is Sick

By Dr. Jordan / July 7, 2013 /

It’s common to refer to falling in love as a ‘sickness.’ You know the craziness of falling in love. Consumed with passion, people in the throes of this love sickness are bound to do crazy stuff to possess their beloved. Sounds like a good time (or a good movie) but it’s not what I’m talking about in this article.…

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‘Premeditated Hurting’

By Dr. Jordan / June 25, 2013 /

I’ve been collecting a lot of great phrases and quotes from my patients lately. The latest is a reference made to something called ‘premeditated hurting.’ This was contrasted with what my patient called ‘accidental hurting.’ Premeditated hurting takes place when someone you love hurts you by design. In other words, he or she has put…

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Simple Test For ‘True Love’

By Dr. Jordan / June 1, 2013 /

You’ll know you’re in ‘true love’ if hurting the person you love hurts you as well.  If this happens to you, you are sympathetically connected with another person. Now this might be a little scary to some of you, you know, the prospect of being connected like this. It will be particularly difficult for those of…

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My Lover Lies To Me

By Dr. Jordan / October 12, 2012 /

At this time of political uncertainty, most people would like to meet the ‘honest person.’ This is particularly true in our love-lives as well. True love doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell without honesty. Before we launch into a discussion of lying and your love-life, let’s take a little ‘Dishonesty 101’ course in preparation. Dishonesty,…

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