Love-Life Tips

Love-Life Tip: Tell Me Don’t Assume!

By Dr. Jordan / April 23, 2012 /

Here’s a rule of thumb that will make your love relationship a little easier, guaranteed: don’t assume your lover should know what is in your head or your heart. I like to call this assumption playing ‘lover’s telepathy.’ This is where lovers communicate sympathetically to each other without words. Fascinating when it happens, and it…

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Love-Life Tip: Don’t Control Your Lover

By Dr. Jordan / April 19, 2012 /

Control in any form destroys love. Why? Because it limits and interferes with the freedom that love requires to thrive. The most common reason for trying to control a lover is to avoid getting hurt. My old mentor used to say, “Where did you get the idea you could be in love without getting hurt?”…

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Love-Life Tip: Relationship Built For Two

By Dr. Jordan / April 15, 2012 /

As the photo suggests, some things are built for two people and they require cooperation to work. A bicycle built for two is one of them, a love relationship is another. Despite the common separation of work and romance, if you adopt the value of ‘working’ on your love relationship you’ve discovered one of the…

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Love-Life Tip: Don’t Try To Fix Your Lover

By Dr. Jordan / April 13, 2012 /

If you’re in the business of trying to ‘fix’ your lover, you need to read this post. That goes for those of you who are in the process of being ‘fixed’ as well. Fixing implies that something is ‘broken’ and needs fixing. In a love relationship, the implication is that your lover is ‘broken’ or…

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Love-Life Tip: Express Hurt Not Anger

By Dr. Jordan / April 10, 2012 /

In your love-life you can’t work with anger or its extreme form rage. Anger is often a defense against the hurt, fear, or vulnerability you can feel in a love relationship. When angry you are not open to reflecting on yourself or working on a relationship. You are simply interested in self-protection and in some…

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