Love-Life Tips

Avoid Revenge For Your Broken Heart

By Dr. Jordan / September 28, 2012 /

When your heart gets broken by a lover who betrays your trust in some way, revenge is the worst thing you can do. Why? Because it basically means you’ve allowed what he or she has done to you to govern what you do for yourself and to him or her. This reaction keeps you firmly…

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My Lover Makes More Money Than Me

By Dr. Jordan / September 23, 2012 /

This is an interesting love-life problem. Your lover makes more money than you. Question is, what effect does that have on your relationship? If you’re a woman, your gender has traditionally expected and adapted to this difference. For most traditional couples, the man is expected to make more money than his female counterpart. If he…

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Best Dating Advice: Listen Carefully

By Dr. Jordan / September 18, 2012 /

Here’s the problem: not listening to what you’re being told because ‘what you expect to hear’ drowns out ‘what is being said.’ If you only heard what people are telling you, the first time they tell you, you would avoid a lot of the trouble you can get yourself into in your love-life. Now you…

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Surviving Those Awkward Moments

By Dr. Jordan / August 24, 2012 /

Let’s talk about awkwardness. First there’s awkwardness the a human experience that can happen to anybody under the right social conditions. Then there’s awkwardness that occurs frequently enough to be considered a personality trait. But what is awkwardness? Awkwardness occurs when your concern about another person’s opinions, judgments, or feelings outweighs your ability to confidently…

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Love-Life Tip: Do A Love-Life Review

By Dr. Jordan / June 10, 2012 /

If you ask me, Dr. Jordan what is the simplest and most direct way to change my love-life for the better? I would say to you, it’s time for a Love-Life Review. What this means is, you need to review, really think about, what has happened in your relationships with all the people who were…

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Love-Life Tip: Be Yourself In Love

By Dr. Jordan / May 24, 2012 /

I’m sure you’ve heard this tired old expression more than once, “be yourself!” It’s the advice we usually give each other when one of us is trying to be something or someone other than who we really are. Unfortunately it is common for a person to try to solve life’s problems by taking on a…

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Love-Life Tip: Tolerate Vulnerability

By Dr. Jordan / May 19, 2012 /

The biggest problem with love is our tendency to avoid the feeling of vulnerability. The way we (humans) do that is to construct defenses to protect ourselves from the discomfort and expected dangers of vulnerability. To be vulnerable is to be open and receptive to what comes from the world and from inside of ourselves.…

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Love-Life Tip: Your Feeling About You

By Dr. Jordan / May 2, 2012 /

Here’s a guarantee at a time when guarantees are rare: change how you feel about you and your love-life will get better. Love-life defined as love in your interpersonal life whether it be in romance, friendship, family, or simply how you feel about people. The point is love has an affinity for positive self-esteem. Now you…

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Love-Life Tip: Answer This Question?

By Dr. Jordan / May 2, 2012 /

The most important question to ask yourself when you’re trying to make a change in your love-life is: How do my past experiences influence my love-life? It’s important to have some idea about what you’ve learned about love earlier in life and whether or not what you’ve learned is helping or hurting your love-life. What…

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Love-Life Tip: Grieve When Love Is Lost

By Dr. Jordan / April 26, 2012 /

When love comes it’s easier than when it leaves, right? Even though love can drive us crazy when it arrives unannounced, for most of us it’s a great joy when it arrives. I think the biggest problem for lovers is we are forgetting how to ‘grieve.’ Why? Because grief hurts and we try to get…

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