Love-Life Class

St.Valentine’s Day ‘Love Formula’

By Dr. Jordan / February 13, 2015 /

According to the series of photos on your left, love is alive and well on the planet Mars. Good to know as we contemplate increasing love on the planet Earth. What better day to reveal the ‘secret formula of love’ than on St. Valentine’s Day? This particular formula has been right under our noses for…

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Learning Your Way to A Better Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / May 10, 2013 /

We are all taught how to learn from a very early age. Educational achievement is strongly emphasized and valued in this culture and many other cultures around the world. This emphasis on education has created an ability to learn and apply what was learned in our everyday lives. The one learning topic that is overlooked…

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The Five Love-Life Tasks

By Dr. Jordan / March 27, 2013 /

There are five (5) tasks in a love life, any love life. Chances are any particular person will encounter all of these tasks to various degrees during the course of his or her love life. To master any particular task in the set of five requires a tolerance for a certain experience that goes with…

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Is Selfless Love Realistic?

By Dr. Jordan / February 23, 2013 /

For centuries, philosophers have told us that ‘self-less’ love is the ideal love. Self-less meaning, you love another without any self-interst. If you’re interested in having love in your life and you adopt self-less loving as your goal, you’ll never really get there. It’s as unrealistic and lopsided as a life of total self-interest. Self-less…

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Will My Anger Ruin My Love-Life?

By Dr. Jordan / February 11, 2013 /

If you believe anger has a prominent place in every love relationship, you probably envision a relationship as a an arrangement between two people that can tolerate a heated exchange of angry feelings. For some people, this would be the true test of love. Ideally, you’d have two people facing off cooperatively engaged in an alternating blast of…

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Our Philosophy In A ‘Nut Shell’

By Dr. Jordan / February 6, 2013 /

Here at the Love-Life Learning Center (LLLC), we believe in the existence of a Love-Life Science. What this means is, there are a number of ‘invariant love-life principles’ or things that don’t change about love. These principles keep coming up in whatever love-life situation exists. We’ve discovered if you understand and use these love-life principles…

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Deepen Your Experience of Love

By Dr. Jordan / January 12, 2013 /

The most difficult problem we all have with love is what to do when the love we needed growing up was not given to us for one reason or another. If you are lucky enough to heal that loss in the course of your life, you’ll be able to love and receive love more easily…

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My Lover is a Flirt

By Dr. Jordan / December 24, 2012 /

What is flirting? Flirting is playfully communicating attraction to someone. On the surface it looks like flirting is simply a playful interaction with someone you’re attracted to without the intention of taking it any further. The ‘further’ would be dating, intimacy, love, relationship, etc. Why do people flirt? Flirting communicates interest or desire. It communicates to…

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My Lover Is Unavailable For The Holidays

By Dr. Jordan / December 21, 2012 /

You fell in love and the holidays are here. But your lover is unavailable for the holidays. On the milder side of this problem, your lover can’t be around because he or she is working far away on the holidays. Maybe your lover is in the military and in another country. Or he or she is…

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Strengthen Your Love-Life On The Holidays

By Dr. Jordan / December 18, 2012 /

You might expect me to start talking about better things to wear, better places to go, and better people to meet. I know better than that. My research on love has taught me that you improve your love-life by improving yourself. You might not know what I’m talking about, so let me spell it out…

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