Love-Life Class

Smell & Taste Of The Person You Love

By Dr. Jordan / October 26, 2012 /

Let’s examine the notion that you’ll enjoy the smell and taste of someone you’re in love with more than someone you’re not in love with. Is this the smell and taste of chemical compatibility in love? The sense of smell and taste are a bit more primitive, or less cultured, if you don’t like the…

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I Don’t Want To Lose Myself In Love

By Dr. Jordan / October 25, 2012 /

If you feel like you could ‘lose yourself’ in a love relationship, this love-life problem could deter you from starting and/or staying in a love relationship. Let’s figure out what ‘losing yourself’ in love really means. When two people are in love, there are always three (3) things going on at the same time: your individuality,…

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My Father Cheats On My Mother

By Dr. Jordan / October 19, 2012 /

Much of your love-life thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are learned. Your most important teachers are members of your own family of origin. You learn mostly by observing what members of your family experience in their love-lives. The good news is, if you’ve learned something about love that is complicating your love-life, you can unlearn it…

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Inter-Racial Love Relationships

By Dr. Jordan / October 3, 2012 /

Can love emerge for anyone? Or does it follow prototypes established while growing up? Both. How? Love is an uncontrollable and unpredictable phenomena of human emotion. Yet we learn how to shape the experiences of love that emerge with what we’ve learn about people in our families of origin and throughout our entire lives. For…

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Self-Destructive After A Breakup

By Dr. Jordan / September 29, 2012 /

Everyone knows the breakup of a love relationship is painful. Even more painful when you’re the one that doesn’t want it to end. Some people get self-destructive after a breakup because they are in pain, and can’t or choose not to manage that pain in any other way. These are a few of the common…

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Losing Friends When Falling In Love

By Dr. Jordan / September 26, 2012 /

There are couples who fall in love and become so preoccupied with each other that they put little time and energy into friendships they both had before the relationship. They get ‘frozen’ in a love relationship that has little or no room for anyone else. You could say they get ‘frozen’ in an exclusive love…

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When Love Life Problems Cause Illness

By Dr. Jordan / August 25, 2012 /

In my experience, the love life problems that cause the most illness are: 1. breakup of a love relationship resulting in separation and divorce, if married; 2. chronic feelings of loneliness when living alone; 3. chronic mistreatment or abuse in a love relationship; 4. death of a lover or spouse.  The most common forms of…

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Don’t Hit, Talk

By Dr. Jordan / August 8, 2012 /

The definition of the phrase ‘love-life’ extends to other forms of love besides romance. Another form of love is the love that exists between children and their parents. In fact, the complete list of love types I might refer to on this website include romance, family love, friendship love, love of humanity, and spiritual love.…

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Making Money Instead Of Love

By Dr. Jordan / August 4, 2012 /

We all start out in this life looking for love. That’s a fact. But for some people, disappointment is unfortunately what they find. Eventually some give up on love. Love proves to be too difficult to find or too hurtful when it’s found. Or even worse, love doesn’t hang around for very long after it’s…

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Close Your Eyes When You Kiss Me

By Dr. Jordan / July 30, 2012 /

Have you ever thought of why most people close their eyes when they are kissing? I think it has something to do with going inside during the act of kissing to feel more intensely whatever you are feeling while kissing. When your eyes are closed you get to be inside yourself in a more pronounced…

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