love-life problem

Love Triangle…Love Quadrangle?

By Dr. Jordan / February 26, 2013 /

Ready for a little ‘love geometry’ lesson? You’ve heard of a ‘love triangle,’ right? That’s when A is married to B and B has an affair with C. You’ve got a triangle. A is connected to B connected to C. OK. Let’s add another person to make this a quadrangle (square). A is married to…

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My Lover Works All The Time

By Dr. Jordan / January 2, 2013 /

If you love a ‘workaholic’ you’ll need to think about a few things. An addiction to ‘work’ is like an addiction to eating or sex, we all need to have it but in the right proportions. Not enough and there is a problem. Excessive amounts and there is also a problem. Workaholics on the surface…

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My Lover Owes Me Money

By Dr. Jordan / December 26, 2012 /

You fell in love and your lover started asking for money. You’ve given money to him or her and he or she never pays you back. He or she keeps asking for more money. It feels like it has become a condition of your relationship. You start to worry, but you don’t say anything about…

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My Lover is a Flirt

By Dr. Jordan / December 24, 2012 /

What is flirting? Flirting is playfully communicating attraction to someone. On the surface it looks like flirting is simply a playful interaction with someone you’re attracted to without the intention of taking it any further. The ‘further’ would be dating, intimacy, love, relationship, etc. Why do people flirt? Flirting communicates interest or desire. It communicates to…

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My Lover Is Unavailable For The Holidays

By Dr. Jordan / December 21, 2012 /

You fell in love and the holidays are here. But your lover is unavailable for the holidays. On the milder side of this problem, your lover can’t be around because he or she is working far away on the holidays. Maybe your lover is in the military and in another country. Or he or she is…

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Strengthen Your Love-Life On The Holidays

By Dr. Jordan / December 18, 2012 /

You might expect me to start talking about better things to wear, better places to go, and better people to meet. I know better than that. My research on love has taught me that you improve your love-life by improving yourself. You might not know what I’m talking about, so let me spell it out…

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I’m Falling For A Woman With A Kid

By Dr. Jordan / November 30, 2012 /

You fell in love with a woman who has a child from another man. She may have been married or not. The point is she has a kid. She comes as a ‘package deal.’ You’ve sworn up and down that you would never get involved, really involved, with a woman who has a child. As…

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I Don’t Want To Lose Myself In Love

By Dr. Jordan / October 25, 2012 /

If you feel like you could ‘lose yourself’ in a love relationship, this love-life problem could deter you from starting and/or staying in a love relationship. Let’s figure out what ‘losing yourself’ in love really means. When two people are in love, there are always three (3) things going on at the same time: your individuality,…

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Painkillers & Your Love-Life

By Dr. Jordan / October 19, 2012 /

Let me be clear from the beginning, if you are abusing substances you are hurting yourself and your love-life. Now that I got that public health announcement out of the way, let’s talk about how an addiction to painkillers can mess up your love-life. Let’s start with the basic observation that painkillers reduce pain (when…

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Older Men & Younger Women

By Dr. Jordan / October 10, 2012 /

For some older men, younger women are the coveted ‘fountain of youth.’ Especially for a man who has reason to try to avoid the ‘work’ required to maintain a growing together, fixing problems, learning how to communicate to each other relationship. Some men think that finding a younger woman will remedy all that and be…

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