Press Release: October 2012

Press Release:  Love-Life Workshops & Consultations on the Phone

The Love-Life Learning Center is now offering educational tele-workshops and tele-consultations that anonymously focus on the personal love-life problems of participants and their sought after solutions. Tele-workshops and tele-consultations are conducted by Dr. Thomas Jordan, Love-Life Learning Center’s psychologist and founder.

New York, New York; October 15, 2012

The Love-Life Learning Center at is an educational website with an exclusive focus on real love-life issues. The website educates its users by improving their understanding of critical love-life problems. Their focus is on improving a participant’s understanding of personal love-problems and exploring effective solutions. Up until now their emphasis has been on blogging about a range of important love-life topics and making available low-cost educational audio downloads for its users. In an effort to make the learning more ‘personal,’ the Love-Life Learning Center has expanded its offering to include tele-workshops and individual tele-consultations conducted by Dr. Jordan.

Dr. Jordan’s tele-workshops and tele-consultations utilize a Q & A format with participants e-mailing love-life concerns with questions to him prior to each tele-workshop and tele-consultation. Before each tele-workshop a representative group of e-mails will be preselected for anonymous individual discussions and instruction during the workshop. This format increases the chances that all participants will learn something important and useful about their particular love-life problem.

Register for a love-life tele-workshop or tele-consultation at

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Dr. Jordan

Dr. Thomas Jordan is a clinical psychologist, certified interpersonal psychoanalyst, author, professor, and love life researcher.

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