Love-Life Tip: Relationship Built For Two

As the photo suggests, some things are built for two people and they require cooperation to work. A bicycle built for two is one of them, a love relationship is another. Despite the common separation of work and romance, if you adopt the value of ‘working’ on your love relationship you’ve discovered one of the secrets of love-life success.

Working on your love relationship does not mean you try to fix your lover. This will get you nothing more than resistance and resentment. No, what I’m talking about here is establishing a cooperative working together attitude in your love relationship from the start. Cut out that unilateral I’ll take care of you attitude. Remember the bicycle, if the other person you’re riding with stops pedaling and steering you’ll feel the difference. I’m talking about practicing the art of sharing and working together on whatever goals the two of you have set for yourselves.

Being different people means that you won’t always agree or see eye to eye. This is expected given the fact that there are always two people in the relationship. Choosing the harder work of compromise, over the easier one person dominates alternative, is fundamentally more intimate. Intimacy grows as the two of you practice working together on the business of your relationship. Think of it this way, the relationship will go farther and faster when the two of you practice cooperation and compromise. The work is in not only believing what I’ve just told you but also continuing to practice when it doesn’t go well. Dr. T. Jordan

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Dr. Jordan

Dr. Thomas Jordan is a clinical psychologist, certified interpersonal psychoanalyst, author, professor, and love life researcher.

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