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Marrying Your Best Friend

By Dr. Jordan / May 4, 2013 /

As far as I’m concerned, if you marry your best friend the chances are good that you’ll have a great marriage to look forward to. My formula for a great marriage is a relationship that contains three essential ingredients: romance, partnership and friendship.  Romance speaks for itself. You have to have a good dose of…

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Are You Being Blamed?

By Dr. Jordan / March 7, 2013 /

What is blame and how does it figure into your love life? The standard definition for blame is to assign responsibility for a fault or a wrong to someone. For most people blame also has a little bit of a negative feeling in it too. When you blame someone you are not doing something nice…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 2

By Dr. Jordan / February 20, 2013 /

This post is Part 2 of “Curing the Sexless Marriage.” In the first post, I introduced four out of eight different ‘cures’ for the sexless marriage or committed love relationship. This post will discuss #5 through #8. If you have this problem in your marriage, try one or more of these cures to revitalize your…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 1

By Dr. Jordan / February 17, 2013 /

If there is ‘love’ in your relationship, chances are there are ‘cures’ for the absence of sex. The question is which of the cures will reignite the passion in your relationship. In most sexless marriages, there was passion, at least at the beginning, and it was allowed to ‘cool.’ The objective now is to bring…

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Don’t Break My Heart

By Dr. Jordan / January 16, 2013 /

I just came out of a love relationship. Sometimes I see my old lover in you. Don’t break my heart. You’re not the kind of person I usually fall in love with. I fall hard when I fall in love. Don’t break my heart. It takes me a long time to heal. Will you hurt…

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Loving Again After Losing A Lover

By Dr. Jordan / January 10, 2013 /

The love-life rule is, you have to heal your heart before you can love again. You might try to get around this. Chances are you’ll get stuck with a chronically broken heart. This is not good. It will remain as a barrier in your love-life. Why is this true? This is the way we humans are…

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Alone For The Holidays

By Dr. Jordan / December 25, 2012 /

Being alone is difficult enough, never mind being alone on the holidays. It’s important that you have a psychological ‘strategy’ in mind to cope with the experience. You don’t want to be wandering around during the holidays looking for something to do and feeling bad about yourself. Being around people you know will be useful…

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Sneaking Around With A Married Woman

By Dr. Jordan / December 14, 2012 /

Loving a married woman is dangerous for two reasons. The first reason I’ll mention briefly in this post and refer you for more details to an earlier post entitled, “I Love A Married Woman.” Danger #1: Simply put, the first danger involves the fact that your lover is married. Now you might like that state of…

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Mind of a Stalker

By Dr. Jordan / December 9, 2012 /

The definition of a stalker is: a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention. Understandably, the emphasis in this definition is on the ‘victim’ of stalking. In this post, however, we will try to understand the stalker’s mind. There are two kinds of people who ‘stalk.’ There is the stalker who has…

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Meet Your New Lover: Rules of Engagement II

By Dr. Jordan / December 5, 2012 /

Like I said in Rules of Engagement I, you are a single person looking for a lover. You’re in a single situation with other single people who are socializing. There are eligible single people all around. You want to improve your ability to meet someone special. What are the rules of engagement? There are six…

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