Until Death Do Us Part

By Dr. Jordan / February 15, 2013 /

Given our contemporary fascination with ‘dead that moves,’ like walking death, warm corpses, and an assortment of living zombies, I thought it only fitting to write about ‘dead love.’ Paying close attention to the title of this post, you’ll recognize the phrase as an excerpt from traditional marriage vows. The literal meaning is, you’re making…

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My Lover Is Separated From His Wife

By Dr. Jordan / November 25, 2012 /

Just because your lover is separated from his wife does not mean he is not ‘bound’ to her in some way. Seriously, if you are in love with a ‘separated’ man, it’s important to be able to differentiate between a ‘physical separation’ and an ’emotional separation.’ You also need to know the difference between ‘leaving’…

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I Hate My Father’s Girlfriend

By Dr. Jordan / August 8, 2012 /

Your parents are divorced. Your father met someone new and now he has a girlfriend. Maybe she’s younger than him, maybe she’s not. The trouble is, you don’t like her. Maybe you didn’t like her from the moment you met her, maybe it took a little while before you were turned off. The point is,…

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Your ‘X’& Your Love-Life

By Dr. Jordan / July 20, 2012 /

This post is about living in the world with your ‘X-husband’ or ‘X-wife’ after your divorce. Ideally, the end of your marriage is final and you don’t have to deal with your ‘X’ any more. You can move on to a new life and eventually a new love, right? Well, unfortunately it’s a little more…

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Cure For The American Marriage

By Dr. Jordan / April 6, 2012 /

Apart from the usual factors that predict divorce like being too young, going against the family of origin, and breaking locally accepted conventions or customs that define a successful marriage. The most powerful influence on the success or failure of marriage will come from your own expectations. By expectations I simply mean, what you expect…

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