Honesty & Your Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / November 15, 2020 /

In the age of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” dishonesty has unfortunately become a little bit more fashionable. I say unfortunate because, the price you’ll pay is largely in your love life. Once a person gets used to the idea of using lies to deal with life’s problems, this deceptive practice can become an irresistible…

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I Can’t Stop Cheating

By Dr. Jordan / May 3, 2020 /

  If you’re in a love relationship and you can’t stop cheating, the first step is to consider is the idea that you have an emotional problem. Plainly stated, you have a problem with intimacy. If you can accept that, you get to go on, and with enough self-dedication change your “psychological love life.” That’s…

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How Do I Forgive Someone for Cheating?

By Dr. Jordan / April 15, 2018 /

Not easily. The first thing a “victim” of this behavior needs to consider is whether or not the cheating is a “pattern.” Pattern meaning, something that has reoccurred over and over again in the relationship or whether cheating has occurred in previous relationships of the cheater. If there is a pattern, the cheater’s behavior will be…

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“Triangle Cures” For Couples?

By Dr. Jordan / May 26, 2017 /

Why do some couples try to solve their couple problems with “triangular” solutions? By triangle I mean, draw in another person, creating a 3 out of a 2. It usually happens because neither person in the couple, married or not, wants to put in the effort and emotional exposure required to “fix” their relationship, stay…

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Infidelity In Your Genes? Give me a break!

By Dr. Jordan / May 27, 2015 /

According to a New York Times article (Sunday, May 24, 2015), “Infidelity Lurks in Your Genes.” You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is one of the newest efforts to explain what is going on in our love lives in purely physical terms. The problem is in your body. Or that old and tired argument…

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What is a 80/20 relationship?

By Dr. Jordan / March 27, 2014 /

Somebody coined the idea of a “80/20” relationship. What does it mean? It means that a person in a couple is available 80% in the relationship while keeping someone else on the side for a 20% relationship. In other words, 80/20 describes what usually happens when there is cheating or infidelity in a committed relationship.…

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“I’m Not Married My Wife’s Married”

By Dr. Jordan / May 18, 2013 /

A single eligible woman said to a married man who was ‘hitting on her’ at a party, “Aren’t you married?” The married man responded with “I’m not married my wife’s married.” This bit of semi-humorous ‘cheat speak’ is a justification of cheating based on the belief that different commitment rules apply to men and women. For this guy,…

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Can I Ever Trust Again After His/Her Cheating?

By Dr. Jordan / April 11, 2013 /

Someone sent me a question recently asking if he should allow his girlfriend to ‘talk to’ a man she had recently cheated with. She had apparently got caught and then asked for forgiveness from her boyfriend to remain in the relationship. I thought the question highlighted a particularly difficult situation and worth a post. I…

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Love Triangle…Love Quadrangle?

By Dr. Jordan / February 26, 2013 /

Ready for a little ‘love geometry’ lesson? You’ve heard of a ‘love triangle,’ right? That’s when A is married to B and B has an affair with C. You’ve got a triangle. A is connected to B connected to C. OK. Let’s add another person to make this a quadrangle (square). A is married to…

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Why A Married Person Is Attractive

By Dr. Jordan / January 30, 2013 /

For many single people looking for love out there in the singles world, a wedding ring will deter any further interest. But for some people, a married person unhappy with his or her marriage and looking for something extra (a love triangle) is the preferred catch. The most common ‘superficial’ reason for seeking an affair…

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