Sustaining a Relationship

You Complete Me?

By Dr. Jordan / January 8, 2016 /

You complete me. How? Now this is a pretty common love life belief with lots of implications. It is very common to fall in love, and experience the person you love as possessing “something” you need, like a piece of a puzzle that is not complete without it. This kind of feeling is very romantic and…

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Male Insecurity

By Dr. Jordan / March 3, 2013 /

Does a love relationship feel like it could just melt away? Does it feel like you have to take ‘steps’ in the relationship to insure that it doesn’t? You could be suffering from ‘male insecurity.‘ What the hell is that? Male insecurity is the disturbing feeling of being unable to trust the emotion of love…

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For Women Only

By Dr. Jordan / February 22, 2013 /

It’s time to share a little love-life secret with all my female readers (and I’m going to assume a lot of you already know this).  My old friend Ben, whom I believe understood love better than most, used to say to me, in this world women ‘sensitize’ men in a love relationship. To ‘sensitize’ means,…

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Why Won’t You Change?

By Dr. Jordan / January 23, 2013 /

Here’s the problem. You’re in a love relationship. You’re pretty satisfied except for a couple of things about your partner. You would like him or her to change. You’ve tried talking about it on a couple of occasions. He or she got defensive. Nothing changed. Your love for him or her would be so much…

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Deepen Your Experience of Love

By Dr. Jordan / January 12, 2013 /

The most difficult problem we all have with love is what to do when the love we needed growing up was not given to us for one reason or another. If you are lucky enough to heal that loss in the course of your life, you’ll be able to love and receive love more easily…

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My Lover is a Flirt

By Dr. Jordan / December 24, 2012 /

What is flirting? Flirting is playfully communicating attraction to someone. On the surface it looks like flirting is simply a playful interaction with someone you’re attracted to without the intention of taking it any further. The ‘further’ would be dating, intimacy, love, relationship, etc. Why do people flirt? Flirting communicates interest or desire. It communicates to…

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I Can’t Say “I Love You”

By Dr. Jordan / November 27, 2012 /

If you’re in love with someone and you can’t get yourself to say those three little words, “I love you,” you don’t know what you’re missing. The experience of love is always better when you can say what you feel. Here’s the situation, you’re in love with someone but you can’t tell him or her,…

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My Love Lives So Far Away

By Dr. Jordan / November 4, 2012 /

What does it take to have a ‘long-distance’ relationship that works? For those of you who are thinking of having one or are already in one now, this post will outline a few ideas that could help you make it work. Remember, love is a ‘uniting force’ in us. This is why when you are…

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Smell & Taste Of The Person You Love

By Dr. Jordan / October 26, 2012 /

Let’s examine the notion that you’ll enjoy the smell and taste of someone you’re in love with more than someone you’re not in love with. Is this the smell and taste of chemical compatibility in love? The sense of smell and taste are a bit more primitive, or less cultured, if you don’t like the…

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Don’t Stalk Your Lover’s X

By Dr. Jordan / October 14, 2012 /

This post is about a specific instance of love-life stalking. The urge to stalk that I’m talking about occurs when a person takes a lover who is suspected of still being interested in an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. Before we get specific, let’s talk more generally about stalking. What is it and why do some people…

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