Single Living

Technology Affecting Your Love-Life?

By Dr. Jordan / June 12, 2012 /

Machines do for us what we no longer have to do for ourselves. As time goes on we become dependent upon machines and the functions they perform are no longer developed in us. They simply don’t have to be. Should certain functions remain in the realm of human experience only? Which ones? To what extent…

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Coping With Rejection

By Dr. Jordan / June 8, 2012 /

Rejection in any form tends to be painful. Especially when you have your heart set on something or someone. Rejection when you love someone is the most painful of all. When this happens you are faced with the task of having to grieve a loss or else turn ‘bitter.’ Bitterness is the feeling that takes…

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Who Pays For Dinner?

By Dr. Jordan / May 26, 2012 /

Who is paying for dinner on your date? Can you hear the silent thoughts and questions? Will she offer to go dutch? Would I accept it if she did? I wonder if he’s going to pick up the bill or ask me for money? Will I say I have any money with me if he…

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Too Much Work & Not Enough Love?

By Dr. Jordan / May 16, 2012 /

For those of you familiar with Freud. Remember he supposedly said, it’s all about ‘love & work.’ Well, let’s modify that a little bit and say in some instances it’s about ‘love vs. work.’ In this world, if you are looking for a way to temporarily avoid something painful in your personal or interpersonal life,…

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When Should We Have Sex?

By Dr. Jordan / May 13, 2012 /

You’ve met someone you really like. You start dating. You enjoy each other’s company. There is plenty of talk and you’re excited about each other. The feelings are strong and consistent. You’ve been together for a while now. In fact, you’ve been waiting to have a serious relationship with someone. And best of all, you both want the…

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Are You Afraid of Love?

By Dr. Jordan / May 3, 2012 /

Are you afraid of love? Welcome to the club. I don’t think there’s a human being alive who hasn’t had the experience of fearing love. Why? What could be scary about love? Isn’t this the feeling we are all looking for? In my opinion, the problem is the vulnerability that comes with love. The only…

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