Marital Issues

My Husband’s Narcissistic Mother

By Dr. Jordan / January 18, 2018 /

You married a man who has not yet separated emotionally from his mother. How can you tell? One very obvious sign is she (mother) will be trying to control her son, you, your marriage, up close and from a distance not long after you’ve married her son. The message to you, his wife (or lover,…

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How Long Do I Wait For A Proposal?

By Dr. Jordan / December 17, 2015 /

You meet someone, fall in love, date, move in, (maybe even have a kid or two – optional), OK so when are you supposed to receive a proposal of marriage? More than a few women have showed up in my office depressed and angry about being in a love relationship with a man who keeps…

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Scary Father-in-law Story

By Dr. Jordan / October 25, 2015 /

This is how I met my future father-in-law. My wife, then my girlfriend, had practically moved into my little apartment. Now it was time to meet the parents. Her parents were no longer married so I had to meet them separately. I’ll focus on her father in this particular post. Victoria arranged a visit. We…

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Don’t Stop ‘Dating’ Your Wife or Husband

By Dr. Jordan / July 13, 2015 /

Don’t stop dating your wife or husband. Sounds strange right? If you’re already married why would you date your husband or wife? Because ‘dating’ has a lot to do with what you felt for each other at the beginning of your relationship. Dating is what a couple does when they are interested in each other.…

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Marriage Phobia?

By Dr. Jordan / July 13, 2015 /

Is marriage something you’re hoping for but afraid of at the same time? How could a institution based on love and commitment be so scary? Most people with marriage phobia have had experiences in life that tell them to be afraid. Let’s look at five of the top contenders. 1. Marriage means control. If you’ve grown…

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Do We Need Marriage Anymore??

By Dr. Jordan / February 13, 2014 /

Yes, yes, absolutely yes! Why? We must protect the opportunities we have to “deepen” love with “commitment.” Why? Because only through commitment does love deepen, really deepen. Now this is not to say commitment has to mean marriage. I believe it is entirely possible to commit to someone you never marry. People do this all…

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“I’m Not the Marrying Type” What?

By Dr. Jordan / January 9, 2014 /

OK…what type are you? Is there a marrying type? Is there a non-marrying type? Or is this a convenient way of disguising a fear of deeper love and intimacy? My gut tells me it’s the latter. There are plenty of people in the world who dread the idea of marriage. To them marriage is some…

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Marriage Phobia

By Dr. Jordan / September 12, 2013 /

Some people are afraid to get married. There could be a bunch of different reasons for this particular fear. For example, let’s say you got married, maybe you did it when you were youngish. You were immature and your spouse at the time was immature, and the two of you outgrew each other pretty quickly.…

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Marrying Your Best Friend

By Dr. Jordan / May 4, 2013 /

As far as I’m concerned, if you marry your best friend the chances are good that you’ll have a great marriage to look forward to. My formula for a great marriage is a relationship that contains three essential ingredients: romance, partnership and friendship.  Romance speaks for itself. You have to have a good dose of…

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Love Triangle…Love Quadrangle?

By Dr. Jordan / February 26, 2013 /

Ready for a little ‘love geometry’ lesson? You’ve heard of a ‘love triangle,’ right? That’s when A is married to B and B has an affair with C. You’ve got a triangle. A is connected to B connected to C. OK. Let’s add another person to make this a quadrangle (square). A is married to…

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