Marital Issues

Until Death Do Us Part

By Dr. Jordan / February 15, 2013 /

Given our contemporary fascination with ‘dead that moves,’ like walking death, warm corpses, and an assortment of living zombies, I thought it only fitting to write about ‘dead love.’ Paying close attention to the title of this post, you’ll recognize the phrase as an excerpt from traditional marriage vows. The literal meaning is, you’re making…

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Can My Love For A Married Woman Grow?

By Dr. Jordan / November 22, 2012 /

Recently a man asked me, do you think it is possible for a relationship with a married woman to have a ‘happy ending?’ And if so, how can that be achieved? I want to spell out the steps that need to be taken for those of you who are struggling in love with a married woman.…

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Everyone’s Married Except Me!

By Dr. Jordan / September 12, 2012 /

This post is for those of you who are upset about not being married yet. I’m not saying you have to be married to be happy. Not these days. I’m simply offering a few thoughts and insights that may be of some use to those of you who are wishing you were married. OK, we…

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I Think My Husband Is Gay?

By Dr. Jordan / August 19, 2012 /

Here’s a love-life problem that can be painful. A couple get married and at some point, perhaps after a couple of kids, the wife finds out her husband is gay. I have treated a person or two with this love-life problem over the years. Treatment essentially helps the wife grieve the loss of the relationship,…

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Marrying Young

By Dr. Jordan / June 22, 2012 /

Let’s look at the pros and cons of marrying young. First off, what is young? Let’s say young is between legal age, say 18 to 25. You might adjust the numbers in your own mind, but I think you get my meaning. Now let’s consider the ‘pros’ to getting married young. I would say, if…

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Compatibility, What is it?

By Dr. Jordan / April 30, 2012 /

Compatibility is what most single people have in mind when they are looking for love. But what is it? You can try to get off easy by offering the dictionary meaning of the word compatibility as: the state in which two things (people) are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. This…

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Cure For The American Marriage

By Dr. Jordan / April 6, 2012 /

Apart from the usual factors that predict divorce like being too young, going against the family of origin, and breaking locally accepted conventions or customs that define a successful marriage. The most powerful influence on the success or failure of marriage will come from your own expectations. By expectations I simply mean, what you expect…

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