Love In The World

Love After The Pandemic

By Dr. Jordan / April 18, 2020 /

  Remember the phrase, “we are at our best when we are at our worst.” I believe our best is the love that is possible between people. Our worst is the sickness, death, and grief that occurs when we are living through a global pandemic. So what does this really mean? Why aren’t we at our…

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Spring Fever and Love

By Dr. Jordan / April 14, 2014 /

Finally! Springtime is upon us and summer will follow. This is traditionally the time of year when love hits the senses and people start seriously thinking about their love lives. What is it about the warm weather? My take on it is that we’re all folded up and trying to keep warm, running around to…

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No Paragon of Mental Health Needed for Love

By Dr. Jordan / December 29, 2013 /

You don’t have to be a “paragon” of mental health to be in love! Thank you universe! This simple fact is one of the greatest gifts to “person-kind” going. Now why? Because being “in love” is a pure and simple experience that emerges from a pure and simple place inside of all of us. We…

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Unsettling Your Life For Love

By Dr. Jordan / December 23, 2013 /

OK, you’ve got a very predictable routine. You’ve got a neat little life going that you are 100% in control of. It’s very familiar to you. Not a hair out of place. Now why would anyone be interested in messing that up for love? Love is unpredictable, unusual, messy, out of control (at least at…

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Global Love Crisis?

By Dr. Jordan / July 15, 2013 /

We are in a ‘global love crisis’ because there are forces in our world, created by ourselves, that are steadily diminishing our ability to form the kind of ‘relationships’ required to nurture the love we all have inside. The experience of love is organic and emerges into our direct experience beyond our control. Love is a…

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