Age in Love

Am I Too Old To Be In Love?

By Dr. Jordan / January 15, 2013 /

If you’re asking this question (Am I too old to be in love?), you’re probably nervous about being able to ‘handle’ being in love at ‘your age.’ Handle of course means ‘control’ the effects of love. You probably believe that love would be overwhelming in some way. You might even believe that love is only…

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Older Men & Younger Women

By Dr. Jordan / October 10, 2012 /

For some older men, younger women are the coveted ‘fountain of youth.’ Especially for a man who has reason to try to avoid the ‘work’ required to maintain a growing together, fixing problems, learning how to communicate to each other relationship. Some men think that finding a younger woman will remedy all that and be…

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Older Women & Younger Men

By Dr. Jordan / October 5, 2012 /

Older women and younger men have been getting together for as long as there has been love in the world. The problem is not the age difference. The problem is the presence or absence of maturity. If an older woman is looking for a younger lover to be in control of, to ‘parent,’ this will…

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