I Married A Person Who Doesn’t Want Children

By Dr. Jordan / September 17, 2017 /

So you’ve married a person who doesn’t want children. Let’s talk about the less painful forms of this problem before discussing the harder ones. You married someone who is older than you and already has a child or two or three…She/he loves you but won’t commit to another child with you. Obviously the chances of…

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Pregnant Woman’s Prerogative

By Dr. Jordan / April 3, 2013 /

Yesterday I sat with a very pregnant woman. In fact she is 7 months pregnant with twins. She told me a secret that pregnant women probably all know about but never tell (except to each other, maybe). She broke ranks and told me (a man!) about the ‘pregnant woman’s prerogative.’ Now if you’re a pregnant…

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Husband Needs Wife To Be Pregnant

By Dr. Jordan / January 25, 2013 /

You’re married and your husband is pressuring you to get pregnant. The pressure is making you uncomfortable but you haven’t said anything about it yet. It raises questions in your mind about your relationship. Why is it so important for my husband to have a baby? Let’s say you’re OK with having a child or two,…

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Pregnancy & Love-Life Problems

By Dr. Jordan / July 25, 2012 /

Pregnancy is a lousy time for love-life problems. Period. Ideally, pregnancy should be a happy occasion for both parents. Especially when both parents are excited about having a baby. When this is the case, the connection between them is drawn closer by the pregnancy. Pregnancy should be a special time with fond memories of it…

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Love & Your Biological Clock

By Dr. Jordan / June 15, 2012 /

Fact: each and every woman who can conceive has a biological clock. This internal physiological clock determines the beginning and end of fertility (except of course if you preserve eggs). Beyond a possible relationship between the mind and the functioning of this natural timer, how a woman relates to, thinks about, or feels about her…

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