Relating To A Narcissistic Person

By Dr. Jordan / April 30, 2013 /

How can you tell you are trying to relate to a narcissistic person? The feeling you get when you’re together is it’s all about him or her. The reciprocity that is commonly found between two people interested in each other is mostly absent. Questions directed at you are really only a preamble that redirects a…

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Is Selfless Love Realistic?

By Dr. Jordan / February 23, 2013 /

For centuries, philosophers have told us that ‘self-less’ love is the ideal love. Self-less meaning, you love another without any self-interst. If you’re interested in having love in your life and you adopt self-less loving as your goal, you’ll never really get there. It’s as unrealistic and lopsided as a life of total self-interest. Self-less…

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Deepen Your Experience of Love

By Dr. Jordan / January 12, 2013 /

The most difficult problem we all have with love is what to do when the love we needed growing up was not given to us for one reason or another. If you are lucky enough to heal that loss in the course of your life, you’ll be able to love and receive love more easily…

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