marital problems

Know When To Work On Your Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / August 13, 2021 /

If you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again in your love life…it’s time to work on your love life. If you’re stuck feeling lonely all the time, feeling chronically disappointed, experiencing repetitive painful love relationships, or just a lot of lousy breakups…it’s time to work on your love life. If you’ve…

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I Love A Married Woman

By Dr. Jordan / December 18, 2019 /

If you love a married woman and you’re in a love relationship with her, read this post. You are engaged in what is commonly thought of as a ‘triangle.’ Triangles are rough on the heart. Fundamentally, they are unstable, like three legs on a table. Something always goes wrong, or at least it should, because…

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“Triangle Cures” For Couples?

By Dr. Jordan / May 26, 2017 /

Why do some couples try to solve their couple problems with “triangular” solutions? By triangle I mean, draw in another person, creating a 3 out of a 2. It usually happens because neither person in the couple, married or not, wants to put in the effort and emotional exposure required to “fix” their relationship, stay…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 2

By Dr. Jordan / February 20, 2013 /

This post is Part 2 of “Curing the Sexless Marriage.” In the first post, I introduced four out of eight different ‘cures’ for the sexless marriage or committed love relationship. This post will discuss #5 through #8. If you have this problem in your marriage, try one or more of these cures to revitalize your…

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Curing The Sexless Marriage: Part 1

By Dr. Jordan / February 17, 2013 /

If there is ‘love’ in your relationship, chances are there are ‘cures’ for the absence of sex. The question is which of the cures will reignite the passion in your relationship. In most sexless marriages, there was passion, at least at the beginning, and it was allowed to ‘cool.’ The objective now is to bring…

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‘Cheating’ For Other Reasons Besides Sex

By Dr. Jordan / January 6, 2013 /

Here’s the situation, you’re in a committed relationship or marriage. After a few years you start to feel dissatisfied and unhappy. You start to feel like there is ‘something missing’ in your love-life. Sex is OK, if not predictable. You still ‘love’ your partner/spouse but something’s wrong. You start to realize that you and your…

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Sneaking Around With A Married Woman

By Dr. Jordan / December 14, 2012 /

Loving a married woman is dangerous for two reasons. The first reason I’ll mention briefly in this post and refer you for more details to an earlier post entitled, “I Love A Married Woman.” Danger #1: Simply put, the first danger involves the fact that your lover is married. Now you might like that state of…

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Can My Love For A Married Woman Grow?

By Dr. Jordan / November 22, 2012 /

Recently a man asked me, do you think it is possible for a relationship with a married woman to have a ‘happy ending?’ And if so, how can that be achieved? I want to spell out the steps that need to be taken for those of you who are struggling in love with a married woman.…

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I Think My Husband Is Gay?

By Dr. Jordan / August 19, 2012 /

Here’s a love-life problem that can be painful. A couple get married and at some point, perhaps after a couple of kids, the wife finds out her husband is gay. I have treated a person or two with this love-life problem over the years. Treatment essentially helps the wife grieve the loss of the relationship,…

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Pregnancy & Love-Life Problems

By Dr. Jordan / July 25, 2012 /

Pregnancy is a lousy time for love-life problems. Period. Ideally, pregnancy should be a happy occasion for both parents. Especially when both parents are excited about having a baby. When this is the case, the connection between them is drawn closer by the pregnancy. Pregnancy should be a special time with fond memories of it…

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