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Do I Have An Unhealthy Love Life?

By Dr. Jordan / June 1, 2024 /

Reader, before you read this article, I want you to know something about myself. I do not believe that being in an adult love relationship is required or necessary in order to be a happy and healthy human being. Being an individual and on one’s own, enjoying the freedom, is a lifestyle that many people…

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Emotional Divorce Recovery

By Dr. Jordan / February 4, 2024 /

Recovering from the struggle to get out of an expired marriage takes places on several different levels. There is the financial recovery where both individuals work out an agreement, usually involving lawyers or mediators. Then there is the recovery that involves reshaping the relationships the divorcing individuals will have with children, relatives, and mutual friends…

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Unhealthy Ways of Coping With Hurt In Love

By Dr. Jordan / January 20, 2024 /

We come into this world needing love. Contrary to some popular opinion, that need never leaves, it simply goes underground. The need for love is a fundamental characteristic of a human being’s life from start to finish. The problem is, there may be times in a person’s life when one’s love life is hurtful. Coping…

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Giving Love as the Cure For Not Being Loved

By Dr. Jordan / November 5, 2023 /

We come into this world needing love. If we don’t get the love we need at the beginning of life there are dire consequences, all the way from threats to our physical survival to life long emotional scars. Nevertheless, we human beings are extremely resilient and can learn to survive the hardship of being brought…

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Am I Psychologically Prepared For A Successful Matchmaking Experience?

By Dr. Jordan / October 14, 2023 /

There are two general categories of people looking for love in this world. Those who are psychologically prepared to form and sustain a healthy love relationship, and those who are not. The problem is, those who are not psychologically prepared, for the most part, believe that they are. Dating and matchmaking services are being utilized…

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How Do I Avoid Getting Divorced Again?

By Dr. Jordan / October 16, 2022 /

Divorces happen for emotional reasons. The hard part is, most people don’t really know their own personal emotional reasons for divorce. Of course, if you ask someone why they’ve divorced, they will probably describe a series of hurtful experiences and say that the unresolvable nature of what was hurtful lead to the breakup. Makes sense,…

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You’ve “Fallen in Love.” What Happens Next?

By Dr. Jordan / August 22, 2022 /

You’ve fallen in Love, that mysterious emotion we humans are unable to predict or control. My description of the emotion with the little “in” before the word Love would be: a cross between acute excitement, emotional and physical needs you didn’t know you had, mild to moderate upset some call “butterflies,” a dose of anxiety…

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Love The One You’re With? Polyamorous Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / August 12, 2022 /

There are essentially two ways that “being in love” with more than one person or what is currently called a “polyamorous” love life can occur in a person’s love life. The first I refer to as  “substituting love partners” and the second way is by setting up a love life where you love more than…

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Why Is It So Hard To Change Our Love Lives?

By Dr. Jordan / July 31, 2022 /

Why is it so hard to change our love lives? I’ve known so many people who have made the same mistakes over and over again in their love relationships, as if they were committed to doing what will (and does) inevitably ruin their love lives. Whatever we believe about love relationships, do in a love…

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Fear of Getting Married?

By Dr. Jordan / December 30, 2020 /

Current research is reporting that more people are saying they are not interested in getting married. The research concluded that marriage is becoming less and less popular. Losing this deepest of human bonds is very troubling. Why is this happening? Is it because we are outgrowing marriage as an outdated 20th century institution? Perhaps there…

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