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Is Your Love Relationship Healthy?

By Dr. Jordan / December 4, 2013 /

To answer this question we have to identify what you’ve learned about love growing up, and whether or not is was healthy or unhealthy. If you’re thinking: How do I know if what I learned is healthy or unhealthy? You’re right on target. I suggest you consider the following list of unhealthy love experiences as…

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Educate Your Love Life!

By Dr. Jordan / September 3, 2013 /

Let me introduce you to somebody. His name is Dr. Leo Buscaglia. This guy has a very special status here at the Love Life Learning Center. Dr. Buscaglia taught at UCLA in the 1970’s. He like myself thought that people needed to think about and learn about “love” and their “love lives” like any other…

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Learning Your Way to A Better Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / May 10, 2013 /

We are all taught how to learn from a very early age. Educational achievement is strongly emphasized and valued in this culture and many other cultures around the world. This emphasis on education has created an ability to learn and apply what was learned in our everyday lives. The one learning topic that is overlooked…

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Love 101

By Dr. Jordan / February 29, 2012 /

Why is it that we have to be reminded to love or give by having special days set aside for that purpose? Human emotions like hate, anger, envy or greed don’t seem to need a reminder or special day. They seem to have no problem occurring the rest of the days out of the year.…

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