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Leo Buscaglia, Miami Book Fair International, 11/14/1987

Let me introduce you to somebody. His name is Dr. Leo Buscaglia. This guy has a very special status here at the Love Life Learning Center. Dr. Buscaglia taught at UCLA in the 1970’s. He like myself thought that people needed to think about and learn about “love” and their “love lives” like any other topic of interest.

Buscaglia understood that we all needed a little love life education to succeed in our love lives. So he went to the administration of UCLA at the time to request permission to teach his “Love Class.” They laughed and joked with him about wanting to teaching such a “unscholarly topic” at the university.

They denied him an accredited course, but in the end told him he could teach his “Love Class” for no credits and gave him a space at the university to do so. Predictably, his class was “over enrolled” four years in a row, standing room only! He was humbled and moved by the experience.

Dr. Buscaglia also felt a little overwhelmed, and told the eager and expectant students of his “Love Class” that he wasn’t sure what to teach them about the topic. Buscaglia reached the conclusion that the content of his “Love Class” would be generated “in vivo” while interacting with the students each time the class met. Wise choice! If Leo had a little more time to develop his concept of a “Love Class” I think he would have come up with even more to offer his students who were feeling the need to learn.

Here at the Love Life Learning Center we consider Leo Buscaglia the primo pioneer of “Love Life Education.” Had Buscaglia lived in the computer age he would have figured out a way to use the internet to get his message out. He’d be doing what we are doing today, offering love life classes online. The need is still out there.

People are still struggling with unhealthy love relationships, making the same love life mistakes over and over again. Much of the unhappiness, hurt, and suffering involved could be significantly reduced if people had an opportunity to think through their love life concerns with easily available and accurate psychological information and guidance. The kind of information that can help a person make the healthiest choices in his or her love life.

This fall the Love Life Learning Center is launching its very first online love life courses. Three courses are being offered: 1. How To Strengthen Your Marriage By Dating Your Spouse; 2. What To Do If You Fall In Love With a Married Person, and; 3. Preparing To Leave An Unhealthy Love Relationship. Three very compelling love life topics that are on the minds of our blog readers and the general public.. Our program objective is to help you think through the issues involved in all three areas. To guide you through an understanding of your feelings so that the choices and actions you take are the best ones possible for you and your love life.

We are looking to bring Dr. Buscaglia’s dream of a credible love life education into the 21st century. Thanks Leo!

Dr. Tom Jordan


Dr. Jordan

Dr. Thomas Jordan is a clinical psychologist, certified interpersonal psychoanalyst, author, professor, and love life researcher.

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