Love The One You’re With? Polyamorous Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / August 12, 2022 /

There are essentially two ways that “being in love” with more than one person or what is currently called a “polyamorous” love life can occur in a person’s love life. The first I refer to as  “substituting love partners” and the second way is by setting up a love life where you love more than…

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Change Your Psychological Love Lives & Heal Your Relationship

By Dr. Jordan / December 31, 2021 /

If you’re in a love relationship and experiencing repeating relationship problems, this article will outline a highly effective and reliable way of making permanent improvements in your relationship. First, remember that what you experience in your love life is determined by your psychological love life, the “blueprint” you have in the back of your mind…

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How Long Do I Wait For A Proposal?

By Dr. Jordan / December 17, 2015 /

You meet someone, fall in love, date, move in, (maybe even have a kid or two – optional), OK so when are you supposed to receive a proposal of marriage? More than a few women have showed up in my office depressed and angry about being in a love relationship with a man who keeps…

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Do We Need Marriage Anymore??

By Dr. Jordan / February 13, 2014 /

Yes, yes, absolutely yes! Why? We must protect the opportunities we have to “deepen” love with “commitment.” Why? Because only through commitment does love deepen, really deepen. Now this is not to say commitment has to mean marriage. I believe it is entirely possible to commit to someone you never marry. People do this all…

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Can I Ever Trust Again After His/Her Cheating?

By Dr. Jordan / April 11, 2013 /

Someone sent me a question recently asking if he should allow his girlfriend to ‘talk to’ a man she had recently cheated with. She had apparently got caught and then asked for forgiveness from her boyfriend to remain in the relationship. I thought the question highlighted a particularly difficult situation and worth a post. I…

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Until Death Do Us Part

By Dr. Jordan / February 15, 2013 /

Given our contemporary fascination with ‘dead that moves,’ like walking death, warm corpses, and an assortment of living zombies, I thought it only fitting to write about ‘dead love.’ Paying close attention to the title of this post, you’ll recognize the phrase as an excerpt from traditional marriage vows. The literal meaning is, you’re making…

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‘Cheating’ For Other Reasons Besides Sex

By Dr. Jordan / January 6, 2013 /

Here’s the situation, you’re in a committed relationship or marriage. After a few years you start to feel dissatisfied and unhappy. You start to feel like there is ‘something missing’ in your love-life. Sex is OK, if not predictable. You still ‘love’ your partner/spouse but something’s wrong. You start to realize that you and your…

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My Lover Looks At Other People

By Dr. Jordan / October 29, 2012 /

Your lover looks at other attractive people when he or she is with you. The ‘looking’ might be subtle or more obvious to you and other people. Maybe you didn’t care at first. But now it’s starting to bother you. You’ve told yourself that looking is ‘freedom of vision.’ You’ve told yourself that it doesn’t…

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My Father Cheats On My Mother

By Dr. Jordan / October 19, 2012 /

Much of your love-life thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are learned. Your most important teachers are members of your own family of origin. You learn mostly by observing what members of your family experience in their love-lives. The good news is, if you’ve learned something about love that is complicating your love-life, you can unlearn it…

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Diary of a Serial Monogamist

By Dr. Jordan / April 28, 2012 /

What is a serial monogamist? A single man or woman who enters one love relationship at a time in a committed fashion for a limited period of time. Serial monogamists do not cheat on their lovers. Their commitment problem does not appear in that form. Their commitment issue emerges in relation to how long they…

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