I Married A Person Who Doesn’t Want Children

By Dr. Jordan / September 17, 2017 /

So you’ve married a person who doesn’t want children. Let’s talk about the less painful forms of this problem before discussing the harder ones. You married someone who is older than you and already has a child or two or three…She/he loves you but won’t commit to another child with you. Obviously the chances of…

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Children of Divorce: Parent’s Guide

By Dr. Jordan / January 27, 2013 /

When parents divorce they too often get so absorbed in the conflict, feelings, and tasks required to get through this difficult experience, they forget about their children’s emotional reaction to the breakup of the family. Don’t forget, your kids are going through the divorce as well. How? These are five (5) major issues to pay…

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I’m Falling For A Woman With A Kid

By Dr. Jordan / November 30, 2012 /

You fell in love with a woman who has a child from another man. She may have been married or not. The point is she has a kid. She comes as a ‘package deal.’ You’ve sworn up and down that you would never get involved, really involved, with a woman who has a child. As…

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I Hate My Mother’s Boyfriend

By Dr. Jordan / August 6, 2012 /

Here’s the situation: you’re the daughter or son of a mother whose marriage to your father has ended (separation or divorce). She has now begun dating another man. You hate him.  In this post I will offer some ideas you can use to begin understanding your feelings and perhaps doing something about them. Hate is…

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