Working on Your Love Life

Am I Psychologically Prepared For A Successful Matchmaking Experience?

By Dr. Jordan / October 14, 2023 /

There are two general categories of people looking for love in this world. Those who are psychologically prepared to form and sustain a healthy love relationship, and those who are not. The problem is, those who are not psychologically prepared, for the most part, believe that they are. Dating and matchmaking services are being utilized…

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Why Is It So Hard To Change Our Love Lives?

By Dr. Jordan / July 31, 2022 /

Why is it so hard to change our love lives? I’ve known so many people who have made the same mistakes over and over again in their love relationships, as if they were committed to doing what will (and does) inevitably ruin their love lives. Whatever we believe about love relationships, do in a love…

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