Leaving a Relationship

Killing Love On St. Valentine’s Day?

By Dr. Jordan / February 13, 2015 /

An article appeared in Psychology Today that offers an understanding of why some people break up on St. Valentine’s Day. I’d like to weigh in with what I believe to be a much simpler explanation. St. Valentine’s Day is a day devoted to love and romance, right? But more than that, it’s also a day…

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He Lives With The Mother of His Children

By Dr. Jordan / September 30, 2013 /

Imagine being in love with a person who has chosen to live with the mother of his kids, only because he wants to be in his children’s lives growing up. No he doesn’t love their mother, at least not admittedly, even though she might be trying to love him. You know he loves you, however…

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My Possessive Mother

By Dr. Jordan / November 29, 2012 /

I love my mother like most people. But she has not always been good for my love-life. I now realize that ‘mothers’ are often the primary cause of difficulties in the love-lives of their adult children. How and why? The evolution of a person’s love-life from childhood into adulthood requires both attachments and separations. To…

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Can My Love For A Married Woman Grow?

By Dr. Jordan / November 22, 2012 /

Recently a man asked me, do you think it is possible for a relationship with a married woman to have a ‘happy ending?’ And if so, how can that be achieved? I want to spell out the steps that need to be taken for those of you who are struggling in love with a married woman.…

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Self-Destructive After A Breakup

By Dr. Jordan / September 29, 2012 /

Everyone knows the breakup of a love relationship is painful. Even more painful when you’re the one that doesn’t want it to end. Some people get self-destructive after a breakup because they are in pain, and can’t or choose not to manage that pain in any other way. These are a few of the common…

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Very Long Marital Separations

By Dr. Jordan / July 18, 2012 /

Here’s the situation, you were married, now you’re separated. Problem is, you’ve been separated for a while, a long while, maybe several years or even many years. Why would two people stay technically married but separated for so long? These are some of the superficial reasons people tell me. It cost too much to divorce. OK,…

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I Can’t Marry You But I Love You?

By Dr. Jordan / July 3, 2012 /

Have you ever encountered this kind of love-life problem? You are in a love relationship with someone you are falling in love with or have fallen in love with and he or she says to you when you inquire about marriage, “I can’t marry you but I love you.” Nine times out of ten the reason…

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Identifying Unhealthy Love Relationships

By Dr. Jordan / June 18, 2012 /

What are the signs and symptoms that tell you your love relationship is unhealthy? The categories I’ve selected obviously overlap. But for the purpose of a simplified illustration, I’ve separated the signs and symptoms of unhealthy love relationships into three basic categories. A love relationship is unhealthy when one or both persons in the relationship…

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Rebound: I’m Leaving My Lover For You

By Dr. Jordan / June 14, 2012 /

Let’s start with a definition of the word ‘rebound.’ Love-life rebound means, you are leaving one relationship and going immediately into another. The key word here is ‘immediately.’ No breather, no pause, no catch my breath, no time alone, no soul searching, just a bounce into a new relationship with a new lover. Can this…

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