Healthy Love Life

Am I Psychologically Prepared To Have a Healthy Love Relationship?

By Dr. Jordan / October 30, 2022 /

The idea that not everyone of age is psychologically ready to have a healthy love relationship is for some people unacceptable. It is common to think that just because you are an adult, you are ready to form a healthy love relationship. The alternative is that most of us should consider working on our love lives…

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Love The One You’re With? Polyamorous Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / August 12, 2022 /

There are essentially two ways that “being in love” with more than one person or what is currently called a “polyamorous” love life can occur in a person’s love life. The first I refer to as  “substituting love partners” and the second way is by setting up a love life where you love more than…

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Your Mom’s Influence On Your Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / May 18, 2014 /

  So I’m a little late with this post. Mother’s Day has come and gone. So what? My own mother is deceased. Maybe that explains it. Nevertheless, if you are going to check out just one historical item that may be bearing down on your love life, I’d suggest you reflect on the influence your…

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