How Many Times Do I Have To Say No!

By Dr. Jordan / January 30, 2013 /

This post is about the ‘obsessive pursuer’ or what is commonly know as the ‘pest.’ Basically, the man or woman who keeps on trying to go out with you even after you’ve said no to him or her over and over again. On the surface of things, pests are working with the expectation that ‘persistence’ will…

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Children of Divorce: Parent’s Guide

By Dr. Jordan / January 27, 2013 /

When parents divorce they too often get so absorbed in the conflict, feelings, and tasks required to get through this difficult experience, they forget about their children’s emotional reaction to the breakup of the family. Don’t forget, your kids are going through the divorce as well. How? These are five (5) major issues to pay…

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Why Won’t You Change?

By Dr. Jordan / January 23, 2013 /

Here’s the problem. You’re in a love relationship. You’re pretty satisfied except for a couple of things about your partner. You would like him or her to change. You’ve tried talking about it on a couple of occasions. He or she got defensive. Nothing changed. Your love for him or her would be so much…

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I’m Social And You’re Not

By Dr. Jordan / January 19, 2013 /

One of the most troublesome incompatibilities that can exist in a love relationship occurs when one person is ‘social’ and the other is not. This means one person needs and seeks the company of other people, while with his or her partner, and when not together. This social need might be met by hanging around…

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I Love You But We’re Not Compatible

By Dr. Jordan / January 16, 2013 /

What happens when you love someone but your habits of living are not compatible? How can this be so? Here are a few common examples of this problem. The incompatible habits of living tend to be in the areas of eating, sleeping, and of course, bathroom habits. Another common area of difference involves social habits.…

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Don’t Break My Heart

By Dr. Jordan / January 16, 2013 /

I just came out of a love relationship. Sometimes I see my old lover in you. Don’t break my heart. You’re not the kind of person I usually fall in love with. I fall hard when I fall in love. Don’t break my heart. It takes me a long time to heal. Will you hurt…

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Loving Again After Losing A Lover

By Dr. Jordan / January 10, 2013 /

The love-life rule is, you have to heal your heart before you can love again. You might try to get around this. Chances are you’ll get stuck with a chronically broken heart. This is not good. It will remain as a barrier in your love-life. Why is this true? This is the way we humans are…

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Meet Your New Lover: Rules of Engagement II

By Dr. Jordan / December 5, 2012 /

Like I said in Rules of Engagement I, you are a single person looking for a lover. You’re in a single situation with other single people who are socializing. There are eligible single people all around. You want to improve your ability to meet someone special. What are the rules of engagement? There are six…

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Marriage Won’t Improve Your Relationship

By Dr. Jordan / December 3, 2012 /

Here’s a hard but indisputable fact, getting married won’t improve your love relationship. Unfortunately, some people think it will, and get married hoping it will. Believing that it will is similar to the let’s have a baby to improve our love relationship idea. I think this is worth saying again for those of you still resisting…

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I’m Falling For A Man With A Kid

By Dr. Jordan / December 2, 2012 /

You fell in love. The only problem is the man has a kid. Is this your problem and if so why? In this post we’ll talk about the pros and cons to falling in love with a ‘single’ man who has a kid (or in some cases more than one). If you made some kind…

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