How Do I Forgive Someone for Cheating?

By Dr. Jordan / April 15, 2018 /

Not easily. The first thing a “victim” of this behavior needs to consider is whether or not the cheating is a “pattern.” Pattern meaning, something that has reoccurred over and over again in the relationship or whether cheating has occurred in previous relationships of the cheater. If there is a pattern, the cheater’s behavior will be…

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My Husband’s Narcissistic Mother

By Dr. Jordan / January 18, 2018 /

You married a man who has not yet separated emotionally from his mother. How can you tell? One very obvious sign is she (mother) will be trying to control her son, you, your marriage, up close and from a distance not long after you’ve married her son. The message to you, his wife (or lover,…

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Baby Mother & Baby Father Syndrome

By Dr. Jordan / January 6, 2018 /

What is a “Baby Mother?” The definition is the mother of a child, with the implication that the Father or “Baby Father” is not involved or co-parenting the child. In any article dealing with such a topic, in order to be straightforward, I think it’s important to state my “assumptions” outright from the beginning, so…

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“Triangle Cures” For Couples?

By Dr. Jordan / May 26, 2017 /

Why do some couples try to solve their couple problems with “triangular” solutions? By triangle I mean, draw in another person, creating a 3 out of a 2. It usually happens because neither person in the couple, married or not, wants to put in the effort and emotional exposure required to “fix” their relationship, stay…

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Is Selfless Love Realistic?

By Dr. Jordan / February 23, 2013 /

For centuries, philosophers have told us that ‘self-less’ love is the ideal love. Self-less meaning, you love another without any self-interst. If you’re interested in having love in your life and you adopt self-less loving as your goal, you’ll never really get there. It’s as unrealistic and lopsided as a life of total self-interest. Self-less…

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For Women Only

By Dr. Jordan / February 22, 2013 /

It’s time to share a little love-life secret with all my female readers (and I’m going to assume a lot of you already know this).  My old friend Ben, whom I believe understood love better than most, used to say to me, in this world women ‘sensitize’ men in a love relationship. To ‘sensitize’ means,…

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Until Death Do Us Part

By Dr. Jordan / February 15, 2013 /

Given our contemporary fascination with ‘dead that moves,’ like walking death, warm corpses, and an assortment of living zombies, I thought it only fitting to write about ‘dead love.’ Paying close attention to the title of this post, you’ll recognize the phrase as an excerpt from traditional marriage vows. The literal meaning is, you’re making…

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Obsessing About A Lover’s Past Lovers

By Dr. Jordan / February 9, 2013 /

Are you obsessed with how many people someone you love has slept with? Why? What kind of information does this provide? Let’s talk about some of the more common questions this kind of information is meant to answer. Does it tell you how experienced your lover is sexually? This one’s easy. If your lover has had…

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Am I Being Abused In My Love-Life?

By Dr. Jordan / February 9, 2013 /

This post is meant to be a ‘quick reference’ or ‘crash course’ for anyone who thinks he or she is being abused while dating, in a love relationship or marriage. Once you’ve identified that you are being abused in one of the ways depicted in this post, the cure is always to ‘STOP THE ABUSE’…

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Our Philosophy In A ‘Nut Shell’

By Dr. Jordan / February 6, 2013 /

Here at the Love-Life Learning Center (LLLC), we believe in the existence of a Love-Life Science. What this means is, there are a number of ‘invariant love-life principles’ or things that don’t change about love. These principles keep coming up in whatever love-life situation exists. We’ve discovered if you understand and use these love-life principles…

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