preparing for love

Love After The Pandemic

By Dr. Jordan / April 18, 2020 /

  Remember the phrase, “we are at our best when we are at our worst.” I believe our best is the love that is possible between people. Our worst is the sickness, death, and grief that occurs when we are living through a global pandemic. So what does this really mean? Why aren’t we at our…

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Love-Life Secret

By Dr. Jordan / February 8, 2013 /

            No matter what kind of couple you want to be in, there are things you can do psychologically to help you get there. One of the most potent is to make yourself into the person, you would like the person you love, or would love, to love. Bet you can’t say that…

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Don’t Break My Heart

By Dr. Jordan / January 16, 2013 /

I just came out of a love relationship. Sometimes I see my old lover in you. Don’t break my heart. You’re not the kind of person I usually fall in love with. I fall hard when I fall in love. Don’t break my heart. It takes me a long time to heal. Will you hurt…

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How Much Privacy Can I Have In Love?

By Dr. Jordan / December 30, 2012 /

Love can only thrive if there is trust. If you’ve imposed limits on what can and cannot be known about you, a love relationship will be difficult to say the least. When two people are in love they are united. If privacy is important to maintain your ‘boundaries’ as a person, love will feel like…

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Not Feeling Prepared For Love

By Dr. Jordan / August 15, 2012 /

This post is one of a series that will show you how to start fixing a particular love-life problem. The love-life problem we’ll focus on is the feeling of being emotionally unprepared for love in your life.  The limiting belief that is usually causing this feeling of not being prepared for love goes something like this:…

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