My Lover Owes Me Money

By Dr. Jordan / December 26, 2012 /

You fell in love and your lover started asking for money. You’ve given money to him or her and he or she never pays you back. He or she keeps asking for more money. It feels like it has become a condition of your relationship. You start to worry, but you don’t say anything about…

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Making Money Instead Of Love

By Dr. Jordan / August 4, 2012 /

We all start out in this life looking for love. That’s a fact. But for some people, disappointment is unfortunately what they find. Eventually some give up on love. Love proves to be too difficult to find or too hurtful when it’s found. Or even worse, love doesn’t hang around for very long after it’s…

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Who Pays For Dinner?

By Dr. Jordan / May 26, 2012 /

Who is paying for dinner on your date? Can you hear the silent thoughts and questions? Will she offer to go dutch? Would I accept it if she did? I wonder if he’s going to pick up the bill or ask me for money? Will I say I have any money with me if he…

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You Owe Me For Love?

By Dr. Jordan / April 27, 2012 /

What? I owe you for the love you gave me? You know how many times I have heard this in the stories my patients tell me. This kind of ‘guilt tripping’ deserves an analysis. First off, true love is a gift. If it’s not a gift and you owe something for it, it’s not love.…

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