marital conflicts

Love Triangle…Love Quadrangle?

By Dr. Jordan / February 26, 2013 /

Ready for a little ‘love geometry’ lesson? You’ve heard of a ‘love triangle,’ right? That’s when A is married to B and B has an affair with C. You’ve got a triangle. A is connected to B connected to C. OK. Let’s add another person to make this a quadrangle (square). A is married to…

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Husband Needs Wife To Be Pregnant

By Dr. Jordan / January 25, 2013 /

You’re married and your husband is pressuring you to get pregnant. The pressure is making you uncomfortable but you haven’t said anything about it yet. It raises questions in your mind about your relationship. Why is it so important for my husband to have a baby? Let’s say you’re OK with having a child or two,…

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The Healthy Gay Marriage

By Dr. Jordan / August 30, 2012 /

The contemporary objective for gay and lesbian couples seeking marriage is to create a healthy gay marriage in what has been until now a largely heterosexual institution. Before delving into this topic it is important for interested readers to realize that some gay persons have been living as ‘married’ couples long before gay marriage became…

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