Too Much Work & Not Enough Love?

By Dr. Jordan / May 16, 2012 /

For those of you familiar with Freud. Remember he supposedly said, it’s all about ‘love & work.’ Well, let’s modify that a little bit and say in some instances it’s about ‘love vs. work.’ In this world, if you are looking for a way to temporarily avoid something painful in your personal or interpersonal life,…

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Are You Afraid of Love?

By Dr. Jordan / May 3, 2012 /

Are you afraid of love? Welcome to the club. I don’t think there’s a human being alive who hasn’t had the experience of fearing love. Why? What could be scary about love? Isn’t this the feeling we are all looking for? In my opinion, the problem is the vulnerability that comes with love. The only…

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Love-Life Tip: Your Feeling About You

By Dr. Jordan / May 2, 2012 /

Here’s a guarantee at a time when guarantees are rare: change how you feel about you and your love-life will get better. Love-life defined as love in your interpersonal life whether it be in romance, friendship, family, or simply how you feel about people. The point is love has an affinity for positive self-esteem. Now you…

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Compatibility, What is it?

By Dr. Jordan / April 30, 2012 /

Compatibility is what most single people have in mind when they are looking for love. But what is it? You can try to get off easy by offering the dictionary meaning of the word compatibility as: the state in which two things (people) are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. This…

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Women & Their Needs

By Dr. Jordan / April 21, 2012 /

As a companion post to ‘Men & Their Feelings,’ I offer you ‘Women & Their Needs.’ Traditionally, woman have been made to believe that they are the weaker sex. Remember that? There was a time in history, and presently in some places, that women were considered possessions. Men married in order to possess a woman…

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Forms of Love

By Dr. Jordan / April 9, 2012 /

As a general definition of what we mean by the phrase ‘love-life,’ I’ll offer you the following: A love-life is what you think, feel, and do in your life involving the emotion of love including romance, family, how you feel about yourself, and beyond. This definition of love-life is probably a bit broader than you…

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I Love You vs I’m ‘In’ Love With You

By Dr. Jordan / April 6, 2012 /

Have you ever heard someone say “I love you but I’m not in love with you?” What’s the difference? It’s all in the little word ‘in.’ When you add the word ‘in’ to I love you, you’re making reference to the ‘fall.’ You fell into something with someone, in this case you fell into ‘love’…

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