Not Feeling Prepared For Love

By Dr. Jordan / August 15, 2012 /

This post is one of a series that will show you how to start fixing a particular love-life problem. The love-life problem we’ll focus on is the feeling of being emotionally unprepared for love in your life.  The limiting belief that is usually causing this feeling of not being prepared for love goes something like this:…

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Don’t Hit, Talk

By Dr. Jordan / August 8, 2012 /

The definition of the phrase ‘love-life’ extends to other forms of love besides romance. Another form of love is the love that exists between children and their parents. In fact, the complete list of love types I might refer to on this website include romance, family love, friendship love, love of humanity, and spiritual love.…

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Can’t Commit To A Lover

By Dr. Jordan / August 4, 2012 /

This post is one of a series that focuses on the things you can do to begin working on a particular love-life problem. The problem we are focusing on is your difficulty making a commitment to a love relationship.  The basic problem that complicates making a love commitment is the fear of being controlled or…

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Marrying Young

By Dr. Jordan / June 22, 2012 /

Let’s look at the pros and cons of marrying young. First off, what is young? Let’s say young is between legal age, say 18 to 25. You might adjust the numbers in your own mind, but I think you get my meaning. Now let’s consider the ‘pros’ to getting married young. I would say, if…

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Love & Your Biological Clock

By Dr. Jordan / June 15, 2012 /

Fact: each and every woman who can conceive has a biological clock. This internal physiological clock determines the beginning and end of fertility (except of course if you preserve eggs). Beyond a possible relationship between the mind and the functioning of this natural timer, how a woman relates to, thinks about, or feels about her…

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Love-Life Tip: Do A Love-Life Review

By Dr. Jordan / June 10, 2012 /

If you ask me, Dr. Jordan what is the simplest and most direct way to change my love-life for the better? I would say to you, it’s time for a Love-Life Review. What this means is, you need to review, really think about, what has happened in your relationships with all the people who were…

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Coping With Rejection

By Dr. Jordan / June 8, 2012 /

Rejection in any form tends to be painful. Especially when you have your heart set on something or someone. Rejection when you love someone is the most painful of all. When this happens you are faced with the task of having to grieve a loss or else turn ‘bitter.’ Bitterness is the feeling that takes…

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What Did I Learn In 19 Years Of Marriage?

By Dr. Jordan / June 1, 2012 /

What did I learn in 19 years of marriage? Well, I’ll tell you. 1. Eat crow every so often as needed. You are never going to always be right. Every once in awhile you’ll mess up. Learn to tolerate apologizing and make sure it’s sincere. But remember, apologies are worthless if they’re too frequent, and…

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Love-Life Tip: Tolerate Vulnerability

By Dr. Jordan / May 19, 2012 /

The biggest problem with love is our tendency to avoid the feeling of vulnerability. The way we (humans) do that is to construct defenses to protect ourselves from the discomfort and expected dangers of vulnerability. To be vulnerable is to be open and receptive to what comes from the world and from inside of ourselves.…

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Too Much Work & Not Enough Love?

By Dr. Jordan / May 16, 2012 /

For those of you familiar with Freud. Remember he supposedly said, it’s all about ‘love & work.’ Well, let’s modify that a little bit and say in some instances it’s about ‘love vs. work.’ In this world, if you are looking for a way to temporarily avoid something painful in your personal or interpersonal life,…

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