love and children

Couples Who Depend On Their Kids

By Dr. Jordan / February 20, 2014 /

This post is about couples who avoid their “couple issues” by over-focusing instead on the children they are responsible to raise. We could say this is an old “defense mechanism” meant to decrease the stress and unhappiness involved in the differences and difficulties that can and will come up between two people. If this is…

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Teach Your Children About Love

By Dr. Jordan / October 9, 2013 /

Have you noticed we teach our children all kinds of things about everything except love. And if you remind me that ‘sex education’ takes places a lot these days, I’ll make a face at you. Love is not covered by sex education, enough said. We could sit around all day trying to figure out why…

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Husband Needs Wife To Be Pregnant

By Dr. Jordan / January 25, 2013 /

You’re married and your husband is pressuring you to get pregnant. The pressure is making you uncomfortable but you haven’t said anything about it yet. It raises questions in your mind about your relationship. Why is it so important for my husband to have a baby? Let’s say you’re OK with having a child or two,…

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