individuality in love

You Complete Me?

By Dr. Jordan / January 8, 2016 /

You complete me. How? Now this is a pretty common love life belief with lots of implications. It is very common to fall in love, and experience the person you love as possessing “something” you need, like a piece of a puzzle that is not complete without it. This kind of feeling is very romantic and…

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I Don’t Want To Lose Myself In Love

By Dr. Jordan / October 25, 2012 /

If you feel like you could ‘lose yourself’ in a love relationship, this love-life problem could deter you from starting and/or staying in a love relationship. Let’s figure out what ‘losing yourself’ in love really means. When two people are in love, there are always three (3) things going on at the same time: your individuality,…

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