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My Wife’s Narcissistic Mother

By Dr. Jordan / February 14, 2016 /

If you are considering a marriage to a woman who comes as a “package deal” with a “narcissistic mother” in tow, you need to read this post to understand what you are getting into. First let’s define what I mean by “narcissistic mother.” This is a “self-centered” parent, single or with a husband, who has…

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Grandparents and Your Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / July 12, 2013 /

Let’s face it, the job of raising a child takes a significant amount of psychological maturity. Sometimes, a bit more than what parents have attained by the time they have their children. Nothing worse than being brought up by immature parents, right? If you are born into a family with immature parents, what happens now?…

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Learning Your Way to A Better Love Life

By Dr. Jordan / May 10, 2013 /

We are all taught how to learn from a very early age. Educational achievement is strongly emphasized and valued in this culture and many other cultures around the world. This emphasis on education has created an ability to learn and apply what was learned in our everyday lives. The one learning topic that is overlooked…

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Incest In Your Family Of Origin

By Dr. Jordan / November 2, 2012 /

Scientists remind us that there are compelling genetic reasons why incest leading to pregnancy must be avoided, and the legal system has determined that childhood incest is a crime. Our focus in this post will be on the emotional reasons why childhood incest must be avoided. What does incest do to the mind of the victim? What…

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You Owe Me For Love?

By Dr. Jordan / April 27, 2012 /

What? I owe you for the love you gave me? You know how many times I have heard this in the stories my patients tell me. This kind of ‘guilt tripping’ deserves an analysis. First off, true love is a gift. If it’s not a gift and you owe something for it, it’s not love.…

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