falling in love

You’ve “Fallen in Love.” What Happens Next?

By Dr. Jordan / August 22, 2022 /

You’ve fallen in Love, that mysterious emotion we humans are unable to predict or control. My description of the emotion with the little “in” before the word Love would be: a cross between acute excitement, emotional and physical needs you didn’t know you had, mild to moderate upset some call “butterflies,” a dose of anxiety…

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I Love You vs I’m ‘In’ Love With You

By Dr. Jordan / April 6, 2012 /

Have you ever heard someone say “I love you but I’m not in love with you?” What’s the difference? It’s all in the little word ‘in.’ When you add the word ‘in’ to I love you, you’re making reference to the ‘fall.’ You fell into something with someone, in this case you fell into ‘love’…

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Fight, Flight, or Fall?

By Dr. Jordan / March 19, 2012 /

Most people will tell you there’s a lot of fighting and flight going on in our love-lives. Have we gotten to the point of thinking all of this is normal yet? Is it really a necessary drama that goes on when people try to make a go of it? Well I’d like to offer you…

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