conflict in love

Learn How To Apologize

By Dr. Jordan / September 3, 2013 /

“I’m sorry.” Do you know how difficult this little phrase can be? It is our best “measure” of how defensive or open and vulnerable someone might be at any point in time. Ordinarily, if you’ve done something “bad” and you can’t say you’re sorry chances are you’re being defensive and there will be a question…

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How To Fight With The Person You Love

By Dr. Jordan / August 1, 2013 /

Let’s face it, if you expect a love relationship without conflict, think again. Two people means two different perspectives whether or not those perspectives are expressed and acknowledged. Keeping your true feelings and thoughts to yourself is worse for your relationship, but that’s for another post. If you aren’t afraid of a little conflict in…

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I’m Social And You’re Not

By Dr. Jordan / January 19, 2013 /

One of the most troublesome incompatibilities that can exist in a love relationship occurs when one person is ‘social’ and the other is not. This means one person needs and seeks the company of other people, while with his or her partner, and when not together. This social need might be met by hanging around…

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