breaking up

How to Get Out of a Relationship

By Dr. Jordan / October 17, 2020 /

How to get out of a love relationship that has turned irreparably sour is as important as how to get into one. I must admit, this blog has been mostly focused on how to get into a love relationship and that’s OK. This post is offered in an effort to tip the balance in the…

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Killing Love On St. Valentine’s Day?

By Dr. Jordan / February 13, 2015 /

An article appeared in Psychology Today that offers an understanding of why some people break up on St. Valentine’s Day. I’d like to weigh in with what I believe to be a much simpler explanation. St. Valentine’s Day is a day devoted to love and romance, right? But more than that, it’s also a day…

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Mind of a Stalker

By Dr. Jordan / December 9, 2012 /

The definition of a stalker is: a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention. Understandably, the emphasis in this definition is on the ‘victim’ of stalking. In this post, however, we will try to understand the stalker’s mind. There are two kinds of people who ‘stalk.’ There is the stalker who has…

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Breaking Up After A Long Relationship

By Dr. Jordan / November 10, 2012 /

Sometimes a love relationship ends after years of being together. I could list all the possible reasons why this could happen, but I won’t. I think it would be more useful to point out that we cannot really control what happens to love over time no matter what the reasons are. Some couples take good…

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