My Father Cheats On My Mother

By Dr. Jordan / October 19, 2012 /

Much of your love-life thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are learned. Your most important teachers are members of your own family of origin. You learn mostly by observing what members of your family experience in their love-lives. The good news is, if you’ve learned something about love that is complicating your love-life, you can unlearn it…

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Identifying Unhealthy Love Relationships

By Dr. Jordan / June 18, 2012 /

What are the signs and symptoms that tell you your love relationship is unhealthy? The categories I’ve selected obviously overlap. But for the purpose of a simplified illustration, I’ve separated the signs and symptoms of unhealthy love relationships into three basic categories. A love relationship is unhealthy when one or both persons in the relationship…

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Married And Using Prostitutes

By Dr. Jordan / June 13, 2012 /

Why would a married man use prostitutes? Maybe his wife isn’t giving him enough sex and he’s frustrated. He doesn’t want to leave his wife so he pays for sex when he needs to. Or he has an extra large libido. His spouse can’t satisfy him so in addition to having sex with his wife…

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I Love A Married Man

By Dr. Jordan / May 10, 2012 /

This is my intro to both this post and its companion post, ‘Loving A Married Woman.’ If you love a married man and you’re in a love relationship with him, read this post. You are engaged in what is commonly thought of as a ‘triangle.’ Triangles are rough on the heart. Fundamentally, they are unstable,…

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Mind of the Cheating Lover

By Dr. Jordan / April 15, 2012 /

People who cheat in a love relationship have a particular kind of psychology. There are four basic components: what they’re afraid of, what they’ve learned in the past about cheating, their limited ability to be intimate in love, and their personality. These four components are always present in the psychology of a person who cheats…

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