Dependent Lover

My Lover Is Emotionally Ill

By Dr. Jordan / September 1, 2012 /

Your lover, wife, or husband is mentally ill. You love him/her so much. But living together can be difficult and demanding at times. How do you cope with this situation without getting sick yourself? First off, you’re probably a ‘caretaker.’ Has anyone ever said that to you? People who are chronically ill, predisposed to illness,…

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Supporting A Dysfunctional Lover

By Dr. Jordan / June 20, 2012 /

Remember, if you are financially and/or emotionally supporting a dysfunctional lover, chances are you are codependent. What this essentially means is you are part of the problem. The only way your dysfunctional lover can remain dysfunctional is if he or she finds and maintains a dysfunctional love relationship with somebody like you. Somebody who is…

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