My Marriage

Handling Mother-in-law Stresses

By Dr. Jordan / August 9, 2020 /

You marry someone and his or her mother hates you. Why? What did I do? Answer, you married my daughter or son. I didn’t know that was a crime or insult, loving your adult child. I thought you’d cherish the fact that I love her or him. You know, you should be happy to meet…

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10 Bite Size Love Stories

By Dr. Jordan / February 8, 2013 /

Bite Love Stories presents the winning 10 stories. We asked: “What makes love stay alive and grow in relationship?” ……………………… “Every moment keeps love alive. Love always needs to be tended whether it is in an obvious manner or from within. You have to be willing to admit your faults and bare your soul. For…

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What Did I Learn In 19 Years Of Marriage?

By Dr. Jordan / June 1, 2012 /

What did I learn in 19 years of marriage? Well, I’ll tell you. 1. Eat crow every so often as needed. You are never going to always be right. Every once in awhile you’ll mess up. Learn to tolerate apologizing and make sure it’s sincere. But remember, apologies are worthless if they’re too frequent, and…

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